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$100 to $200 Bonus for Opening a Chase Checking Account, March 2012

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Editor’s Note:  These offers are no longer available. 

See the bottom of this article for a new $100 bonus for opening a Chase checking account. If you’re looking for the best online checking accounts, including Ally, ING Direct, USAA, and others, read this article.

A new Chase branch opened across the street from my apartment recently. I was considering opening an account there for the convenience, but I haven’t given it too much thought. I’m more inclined to simplify my finances rather than open new accounts. I’m in the process of reducing my collection of accounts in order to simplify my life. While the new Chase branch is a block away, my brick-and-mortar institutions of choices, Wells Fargo and TD Bank, are just down the street.

This weekend, I received a notice in the mail that Chase is offering a $100 bonus for opening a checking account. These offers come in every so often, and can be for any amount between $100 and $200. The account must be opened with a low minimum of at least $100 but there are no fees only if you initiate direct deposit. I’m happy with my current direct deposit arrangement, whereby funds from my paycheck are automatically deposited into my ING Direct Electric Orange account and then distributed to savings from there.

This bonus does not appear to be available online. It required the physical certificate received in the mail or a code to be given to an account representative at a Chase branch. Here is the full “fine print” on this offer:

Chase Free Checking™ requires a $100 minimum opening deposit of new money (money not currently held by this bank or its affiliates) to qualify for the bonus. Chase Free Checking has no monthly service fee when you have a monthly direct deposit. Limit one personal checking account-related reward/premium per customer, per calendar year. Offer not available on account conversions or in combination with any other offer. Bonus will be automatically deposited into your new account with 10 business days of account opening, but not considered part of minimum opening deposit. Checking account must remain open for a minimum of six months or the bonus will be debited from the account at closing. Account is subject to approval. Bonus is considered interest and will be reported on IRS for 1099-INT.

Add to the bonus with this credit card offer from Chase to maximize your cash back rewards!

  • Chase Freedom® Visa: Currently offers $100 Bonus Cash Back + 0% Intro APR

Updated March 2012, here are current codes for receiving a bonus for opening a Chase checking account:

  • $150 bonus for Chase checking: 4282884628808196
  • $200 for Chase business checking: 4173783293084960

If these codes are no longer available, let me know, and I’ll remove them from the listing.

And if you’re looking for an online checking account with a $400 bonus, consider the Citigold® Checking Account. Citi offers 40,000 ThankYou after signing up, setting up one direct deposit and making two online bill payments.

If you successfully use any of these codes, let me know. I’ll keep this article updates with the latest codes.

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avatar just me

I was about to open a checking account at CHASE, for direct depositing my paychecks. I found some of these coupons on ebay, do you think I should do it?

avatar Luke Landes

Buying a coupon from eBay introduces another level of risk. It’s up to you whether you want to take that risk. Alternatively, you could mention to the account representative that you heard Chase is offering $100 bonuses and flat out request one. Good luck, whichever strategy you use.

avatar rocketc

I have a $100 coupon available if someone wants to email me. All you need is the coupon code – I can email it to you. I just opened an account with a $125 bonus. Typically I get a coupon with every statement from my Chase Freedom, Chase Visa and Chase Southwest Visa cards.

I give them away all the time, but never thought about selling them… hmmm. ..

avatar friend


Can you please send me the coupon code so that I can open a checking account.


avatar Rob Mc

Can you please send me the coupon code so that I can open a checking account.



avatar med2b

Hi, I was wondering if you have any more $100 coupons?

avatar mhjacks

I took advantage of a similar offer from chase a couple of months ago.

At the time, they were offering $125 to new customers. I was able to snag this sweet bonus – I did have to go down to the local branch in person to open the account. Fortunately, I live on the same block.

They were keen to inform me that I would not get the bonus if I did not set up direct deposit, which I did, and the bonus was speedily applied to my account after the first direct deposit payment.

one of the easiest ~$90 I ever made, and I was thinking about opening an account with them anyways for convenience!

avatar Dan

I have too many bad memories from being a former Chase customer. Even $100 is not enough motivation for me to make them part of my life again. I like what Dave Ramsey has to say “Chase you out of our house.”

By the way, I was always in good standing on my Chase loan, and paid it off a year ahead of schedule to get rid of them and debt.

avatar rocketc

Interesting. I have had no problems with Chase.

avatar Jason

You can go to the US Postal Service web site, pay $1 to change your address, and the big packet of coupons that comes to your door soon after will contain one of these $100 coupons.

avatar Kara


Could you email me the code? I was going to open an account today and would love to get the bonus.


avatar ChristianPF

I have never really been a fan of chase – I have had many customer service problems on the Credit Card side, but I guess the Banking side could be a different story – Jason thanks for sharing the info, I like that idea better than ebay

avatar Friend

Please send me the coupon code so that I can open a bank account with chase..


avatar rocketc

The coupon is spoken for.

avatar mmedina

could you email me the 100 coupon code for chase? i just opened an account two night ago. please and thanks!!

avatar dave in texas

re: Chase code from their coupon

Howdy from Texas Mr. Rocketc:

Would you mind also emailing me the code from the Chase coupon? I too have been trying to decide which bank to open an account with — this offer would make the difference.

Stay warm, dave in Texas

avatar rocketc

I have given away all the coupons I have, but I anticipate getting another on in the next week. I always post them on my blog.

avatar yz

hi would you mind email me the coupon code?
thanks a lot

avatar Jessie


I am about to open a chase account today. Could you please email me the coupon code?

Thanks a lot!!!

avatar Cyn

I would love to have the code, I was going to open an account yestersday but was told by the teller to lok for a coupon first. Thanks!

avatar Tommie

I would like to get the coupon code if that is OK.

avatar pm_friend

I would like to get the coupon code if that is OK.

avatar Sai

Please send me my email
thank you

avatar Jim

Could you please email me the code


avatar Prabhu

I just opened a Chase checking account yesterday and was told that I could make use of the $100 coupon if I present it in the next 30 days. Could you please e-mail the code?


avatar Usagi

Hi. Same boat here. I wish I saw this site earlier! I just opened an account this morning! Can you send me the coupon code also? usagi dot sisa at yahoo.ca


avatar Smokey

Please email me a copy of the Chase Bank $100 code, also.

avatar Shaunb

I opened an account with Chase the other day and was informed I could find this coupon online. My banker mentioned they move it around a lot on the internet. I have not been able to find one.

Would anyone be willing to share the sacred “code”?@#%^&*$#@#$^&*


avatar Fabualexis


Can you please email me the coupon code. I will like to open a Chase account.

avatar JudithB

I need that coupon code! Opened an acct 1 week ago and have 30 days to apply it my acct. I’d appreciate it if someone could e-mail me!

avatar Ladege

Would you please send me the code so i could open a checking account thank you.

avatar tyd

Good evening, I was wondering if you have the chase coupon code you could email me ASAP

avatar mnm


avatar mikedc244

chase coupon code

avatar Adil


Could you please e-mail me the coupon at:

Thank you

avatar hotpinksydney

I was wondering if I might be able to have that chase coupon code. Thank you!

avatar Aaron

Interested in the chase coupon that you have… let me know if you still have it available. Thanks, my e-mail address is

avatar vanca

Do you still have it? Thanks!

avatar Hubert Louis

Here are some referal coupons that expire on 5/17/2008:


You get $50 for new business checking account and $25 for new personal checking account. And so do I!

avatar Paul

Can you send me the Chase code for $100 for opening a new checking acct.?


avatar ankur

plz send me coupon code for opening chase bank account

avatar j

I did everything that the coupon told me to took it to a Branch, got the direct deposit, even the hundred dollars in the account. I have been waiting 4 months and nothing I have called and they say 3 weeks oh act it takes 3 months.
So I wait and call the Branch I went to open the account and they say they have no record of me using the coupon.. The only reason I opened the account..
What should I do if they refuse to pay me? Has this happened to anyone else??
angry in NJ

avatar rocketc

Strange. . . that’s never happened to me. My wife and I have successfully opened 4 such accounts and the bonus has always been right on time.

avatar Carol DeWees

Please send me the code to open a Chase checking account for $100.00

Thank you…..Carol

avatar Bret

Could I please get the $100 checking w/ direct deposit code sent to my email. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!!

avatar sandy

This would be a blessing if it were true. I HOPING THIS LEGIT. TThanks for heads up. Also does it work for nline banking.

Sincerely , S andersen

avatar gunny

Hi ,
Can u please give me the couppon code please.
I would be really greatful

avatar Erica

I am looking for an extra promo code as well if anyone has one they can email me. Thanks in advance.


avatar Jawad

Hi, i m interested to open an account in chase bank. could you give me the coupon code please.


avatar Marion

Hi, I saw your add. I just opened a Chase account and lost my Coupon. The Bank man said if i still can find the coupon code he will add the 100 dollar. Do you still have the Coupon Code please>

Thank you

avatar mac

the coupons is good but i wouldn’t do it online, go into your nearest branch, i did it and they only ask for a 25.00 deposit, also you can have direct deposit or use your debit card more then 6 times a month.

avatar Vicky

Hello All: I just opened up a Chase account today and was wondering if anyone could please e-mail me the coupon code? Thank you and much appreciated!!!

avatar Mark

I just openend a chase account and i could really use a coupon code if you could email thanks in advance.

avatar Nicole

Could the $100 coupon offer please be emailed to me?

Thank you.

avatar Jessie

Does it have to be direct deposit. Or can you use the coupon when opening a new account?

avatar anky

Hi, please send me 100$ coupons..I urgently need to open chase account and urgent need of money…….ankur.tcs@gmail.com



avatar Allison

Would you please send me that $100 coupon code? Thanks so much!

avatar beth

$125.00 current promotion. Expires 9-13-08 Coupon code:

avatar Angie

Hi. I read that you have a coupon code for $100. Can you please send one to me? Thanks a bunch! Email = Hunnie426@yahoo.com

avatar tim

referral coupons available.
email me at

avatar diane

Could you please e-mail me the coupon code for opening a Chase checking account?
I just lost my job and every little bit helps nowadays!

avatar sandesh

i just want the coupon code of 100$

i have opened an account in chase
please try to send me

avatar Matt

i need the coupon for 100 dollars if you still have it

avatar Nereida Garcia

Can you please send me the coupon code to open a new account. i did go to the branch and was told that I needed the code. Thanks!

avatar Jordan Sublette

hey rocketc i could really use one of those coupons. I just opened an account there and they said i have thirty days to find one. That was two weeks ago! and i cant find one anywhere. please ! if anyone has the code please help.

avatar diane

Could you please forward the 16 digit code for the $100 coupon. I just opened an account and the manager said I could call him with the code within the next few weeks. I recently lost my job so I could use all the help I can get.

avatar Linda R. Rogers

Hey! My husband just lost his job and we are broke. May I have the coupon code for $100 free when opening a new checking account?


avatar karen

I would like to open a account with chase today – called the branch and was told to google and get the code to him – it will be accepted this way – may I have the code for this bonus? thank you

avatar Fries

Found out the $100 coupon code can only be used once. Each customer has a unique code. My coupon was accidently thrown away and I am having a very hard time getting it replace. Already talked to “personal banker” at 1-800-##### and to local branch manager. If anyone can help me, please let me know!

avatar liss

did you get the code? If so can you also let me have it…I want to open an account today…

avatar lorna

I just opened a Chase checking account today and was told that I could make use of the $100 coupon if I present it in the next 14 days. Could you please e-mail the code?
Appreciate it

avatar enforcermike

Can a minor (16 years old) open a regular Chase account? Thanks!

avatar Jin

May I get a coupon code from you?
Thank you so much!!

avatar Karen

Does anyone have a coupon for Chase Bank? We would like to open an account.


avatar Jamecia Bankston

I’m emailing you to get the coupon to get the $100 by opening the Chase Account….THANKS

avatar dheeraj

Can you please email me the coupon codes

avatar Pam Bice

I read your information about the $100.00 bonus for opening a checking account at chase bank…I did recieve one in the mail and I dont know where I put it….I openend  up an account anyway, and they said I have 60 days to bring the coupon in….you said that you recieve the $100.00 bonus regularly…And to email you for the coupon…can you send one to me please.Thanks,Pam Bice

avatar Nancy

i was wondering if someone can help with the chase 100.00 bonus to open up a checking account. I think i need a code????

avatar Luke Landes

A coupon code has just been posted at Consumerism Commentary. It can only be used once, so grab it while you can.

avatar norman

Please, please, please, if someone has an extra code to open a checking account for the 100.00 i would greatly appreciate it. I attached my email address!! THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS

avatar norman

Pam do you have a code that i can use.
Thank you

avatar norman

Everyone! Copy and paste the link below and it will generate a code for you so that everyone will have a new code.



avatar Luke Landes

Norman: That link doesn’t work.

avatar care

If possible, could you please email me a chase bank coupon code.


avatar Nancy

the link above worked for me, but i had to be logged on my chase account. Can anyone help with the $25 referral coupon?

avatar norman

Anyone I have 5 Referral coupons that are good for 25.00 for your account and 25.00 for my account. Anyone who is interested email me at . It will be good for an additional 125.00.


avatar norman

The link worked i just checked it right now.

avatar BK

I also have 5 chase checking account referrals. Email me if you are interested in getting a code.

avatar Harvey A.

Do you still have a code left? I really need one. I don’t have a personal website.


avatar $100 coupone code request

anyone with a $100 or $200 Chase coupon code that they can spare, I would deeply appreciate it.

thanks so much

avatar buttercrud

I’d also appreciate and 100 or 200 chase coupon codes. Thanks in advance.

¡vamos prosperity!


avatar Luke Landes

Here is a new Chase $100 bonus code. Get it while it lasts.

avatar Nancy

I came across 5 $25 refferal bonus, if anyone is interested let me know.

avatar bini

Hi Nancy,
Can you mail me the 25$ referral coupons?

Thanks !!


avatar Ramesh

I have some $25 referral coupons that can be used along with this coupon. Email me at if you need one.

avatar John

$25 Reward for Individual
Visit a Chase Branch, Open a Chase checking account,Set up direct deposit and you will receive $25

$10 Reward for students
Visit a Chase Branch, Open a Chase high school checking account or Chase College checking account,make 5 purchases with your Chase Visa Check card and you
will receive $10

$50 Reward for Business
Visit a Chase Branch, Open a Qualifying Chase business checking account,deposit $500 into the new account in 30 days and you will receive $50

Expire: 12/8/08

First 5 will get it, Hurry UP!!!

If need it, email me at:
you can use it after printing out.

avatar Owen

Please email me referral code, fixed to open a business account this weekend, thanks

avatar Nancy

Here is your code # 3293841075632779. Please let me know if you do not use it.



avatar Shelly

Do you have any extra coupons? If so, I’d appreciate it!

avatar Nancy

Sure no problem! Code # 3293841075632799

Please let me know if you do not use it


avatar ed will

I have 5 chase referral bonuses available. They expire on November 25, 2008.

avatar elisabeth

Nancy do you have another code!