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February 2004

Financial Update – February

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Now it’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Here is my financial update for the month. I’ve been a bad spender, and I’m waiting for a tuition reimbursement check as well as my tax refund, a bonus, and a raise. Let’s see how we did. Remember, the credit card gets paid off every month. I don’t want you to think I’m running up some kind of a bill.

  February 17 January 17
Cash and Savings: $ 13,408 $ 13,760
Taxable Investments: $ 3,242 $ 3,189
401k (Pre-Tax): $ 9,660 $ 8,919
Roth IRA: $ 2,041 $ 1,763
Credit Cards: ($ 2,165) ($ 1,821)
Student Loan 3.97%: ($ 1,720) ($ 1,720)
Student Loan 2.82%: ($ 9,250) ($ 9,250)
Home Inventory: $ 9,359 $ 9,359
TOTAL $ 24,575 $ 24,254

Well, at least I haven’t moved backwards.

Are You Saving?

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MSN Money – 7 reasons Americans save so little

This article makes us aware that Americans do not save enough money and throws us some statistics. Psychology, miseducation, and no consequences for being in debt seem to be the reasons offered. How much of your income (as a percentage) do you save?