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February 2005

Bonus Update

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On a personal note, I received my bonus last week and it was a bit lower than I expected. I’m in a non-management position, so I get paid for overtime but I generaly expect a non-impressive bonus compared to most. I have to consider that I wasn’t at the company for a while last year while I was teaching, and that probably had some effect on the calculation.

In any event, the bonus will help pay for my car insurance. I wish it could have been used for something more interesting.

Annual Review

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It’s annual review and bonus time at my company. I have my performance review meeting with my boss in about in hour, and luckilly this article caught my attention beforehand. Now I’m in a good mood, which is more than what could be said after finding out my bonus number this morning. Perhaps I’ll have an update later this evening after the meeting.

Update: No update tonight, meeting rescheduled for tomorrow.

Housing Market Update

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According to the National Association of Realtors, Florida had some nice gains in real estate values between the fourth quarter of 2003 and the fourth quarter of 2004, but Las Vegas, Nevada is on top.

Here’s the full chart.

Individual Social Security Accounts

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I still need to do more research before I decide whether I like the idea of privatizing social security. For future reference, here’s some information on the current proposal.