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Investing While In Debt

by Luke Landes

An article by Dayana Yochim at The Motley Fool gives the reader license to invest in the market while in debt — as long as the debt is good debt and not bad. Even if the debt is bad debt (credit cards), she suggests investing what you can while keeping to a plan to get ... Continue reading this article…

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Great Interview Advice

by Luke Landes

This article by Sarah Max (yet another at CNN Money) is probably the best I’ve read on the topic of techniques for the job interviewee. First of all, after reading the article, I now know that just about everything I do in an interview is wrong. Human resources is absolutely the last place you want ... Continue reading this article…

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A Better ING Direct Deal

by Luke Landes

I didn’t realize this deal at ING Direct was still active. I was looking through my archives and I found my post from September 9, 2003. In that post, I included a link to a better ING Direct offer than the one you find all over the internet (especially blogs) where the originator gets $10 ... Continue reading this article…

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Having a Six-Figure Salary Doesn’t Hurt (But I Wouldn’t Know)

by Luke Landes

In this article from CNN Money, Marc and Elesya cite MONEY Magazine (CNN Money’s offline counterpart) with helping them determine their strategies for building their net worth. You know, it would be great to see some stories about poor schlubs like me just trying to get by in a mediocre-paying job renting an apartment by ... Continue reading this article…

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Monthly Update – December 2004

by Luke Landes

Happy New Year! My financial resolution is to cut my spending for 2005. First of all, I’m switching from Microsoft Money 2003 to Quicken 2005 Premier Home & Business. I’ll run both programs simultaneously for a month or so, and then get rid of Money. All of my historical transactions are still in Money so ... Continue reading this article…

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