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Teaching Kids About Money

by Luke Landes

Yahoo Finance is presenting a feature on teaching children about money. Here are some of the highlights. When to Kick Your Kid Out of the House, and Other Financial Lessons for Parents. In a middle-class household, it will cost on average $184,000 to allow your one child to live to year 17. If you send […]

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Your New York Number

by Luke Landes

Note: If you are looking for my look at The Number, by Lee Eisenberg, start here. The following is a look at an article that appeared in New York Magazine before I was aware of the upcoming book. Wouldn’t it be great to stop working and have enough money never to run out for the […]

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Carnival of Personal Finance #19

by Luke Landes

Welcome to the Carnival of Personal Finance, 19th edition! You are visiting Consumerism Commentary, a website where I discuss my personal finances with links to related news with commentary every once in a while. Here is a little about me and this website. You can browse my latest updates or start with the “Best Of […]

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Saving With Low Income, Part 3

by Luke Landes

In this series, I’ve been taking a look at MP Dunleavey’s article offering a plethora of ways to save when income is tight. Here are more of the suggestions submitted by users and compiled by the article’s author. Part One is here and Part Two is here. * Buy generic instead of brand-name products. The […]

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Saving With Low Income, Part 2

by Luke Landes

Here’s the second article in which I’m visiting MP Dunleavey’s article about techniques for saving when a low income is working against you. Part One is here. * Create bank errors in your favor. MP suggests adding a little extra expense or a little less income when entering transactions into Microsoft Money or Quicken. I […]

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Saving With Low Income

by Luke Landes

MP Dunleavey gives her readers 19 ways to save when income is not quite as high as would be comfortable. The tips are practical and can be applied to just about anyone for whom saving more money is a goal, regardless of income. Here are some of her suggestions, submitted by readers: * Stash a […]

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HOWTO Purchase a Bed (Mattress and Box Spring)

by Luke Landes

You may have read that I purchased a bed this past weekend. This was my first purchase of major furniture, but it was a long time coming. I had suffered from morning back and neck pain for too long, and I believe the problem had much to do with the sleeping surfaces I’ve had over […]

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Purchased a Bed

by Luke Landes

I made a purchase yesterday that will hopefully improve the quality of my life considerably. My girlfriend and I decided to split the cost of a new bed. For the last several years, I’ve been sleeping on a twenty year old bed. I purchased the mattress, box spring, and frame from the father of a […]

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Carnival Monday

by Luke Landes

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I made a pretty large purchase this weekend, and I’ll talk about that in a future post. It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for the Carnival. Hello, Dollar! posted the latest Carnival of Personal Finance and my thoughts on spoiled kids was included. Speaking of children, make […]

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Kids Want The Darnedest Things

by Luke Landes

Is your kid a spoiled brat? When I was young, I generally got what I wanted from my parents. They were lucky that the things I wanted weren’t much. (Though they were upset when I’d rack up lots of long distance phone charges with the modem while calling BBSs.) Many parents struggle with not buying […]

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