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March 2006

Some Articles of Interest

by Luke Landes

Things to read: * Ten top colleges for entrepreneurs [Fortune]. * Housing market cooling but prices still high [MSN] and a Yahoo Finance special report on the housing slowdown.

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Capital One Interest Rate Now 4.25%

by Luke Landes

The banks keep raising the interest rates for their online savings accounts. Joey wrote in to inform me that “Capital One is up to 4.25 percent (annual percentage yield) in their high-yield savings account.” This bank has Joey’s favorite web interface. I’ve updated the list of online savings account interest rates.

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New $10 Bill Circulates Today

by Luke Landes

If you go to a bank today, you may see the new $10 bill design making its way towards your wallet or money clip. Here’s what it looks like: There are a number of new security features, including a color-shifting numeral. The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing has a press release.

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Personal Income Statement, February 2006

by Luke Landes

As promised, here is my personal income and expense statement. Putting this together helps me visualize where my money is coming from and where it’s going. Read on.

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Personal Balance Sheet, February 2006

by Luke Landes

I can’t believe it’s March already. I turn 30 this month. As if it’s a sign of things to come, Kevin Pollack won’t be coming to my birthday event because — so he says — the movie he’s filming has been delayed. Yes, a bunch of friends and I were planning to see the actor/comedian ... Continue reading this article…

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Welcome New MoneyBlogNetwork Member

by Luke Landes

If you read pfblogs.org or frequent other personal finance blogs, you may have heard this news: Mighty Bargain Hunter has joined the MoneyBlogNetwork. I’ve been enjoying MBH for a long time (in blogging years), and I’m glad he has decided to join our team.

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Next Book: Career Intensity By David Lorenzo

by Luke Landes

Last night, I received a preview copy of Career Intensity: Business Strategy for Workplace Warriors and Entrepreneurs by David Lorenzo. If I find time during the week, I plan on reading and writing about the book. Although it doesn’t seem directly related to personal finance, per se, it appears that I should be able to ... Continue reading this article…

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