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December 2006

Top 10 Blogs on pfblogs.org by Total Clicks

by Luke Landes

As of Wednesday night, here are the top 10 blogs on pfblogs.org, when sorted by the highest number of clickthroughs since the aggregator’s humble beginnings in February 2006. I wouldn’t call this a “fair” list, as it does favor blogs that have been listed longer and that post more often. Later, I’ll present the top ... Continue reading this article…

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The Bank Deposits $1,000,000 Into Your Savings Account…

by Luke Landes

On the local news last night, I caught one of those lighter stories, used for filler when the channel’s news producer can’t seem to find other news that will attract viewers. A bank mistakenly deposited $1,000,000 into a woman’s savings account. She was not happy about it, and the bank was not taking back the ... Continue reading this article…

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Quicken 2007 Revisited: A Little Better But Far From Perfect

by Luke Landes

A few months ago, after using the software for some time, I came to the conclusion that Quicken 2007 Home & Business was horrible. There were too many bugs distracting me from using the software the way it was intended. Downloading transactions through Direct Connect for my 401(k) no longer works… Quicken 2007 introduced a ... Continue reading this article…

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Comcast Digital Platinum With On Demand: $0?

by Luke Landes

For the last year or so, I’ve been paying $16 a month for the most basic cable television option from Comcast, the only cable option in my area. Every once in a while, I check to see if there are any specials being offered. After entering my address on the Concast website, I was provided ... Continue reading this article…

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Get Free Money: Comparing Cash Back (Rebate) Credit Cards

by Luke Landes

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, these offers have expired and are no longer available. Almost all of my spending is done by credit card. It’s convenient and I receive cash back for every purchase. Since I pay the balance off every month, I never pay any interest charges or late fees. I don’t ... Continue reading this article…

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Baby Boomers Plan to Work in Retirement

by Luke Landes

The younger generations are hoping for a mass retirement in the next few years as Baby Boomers leave the work force, opening advancement opportunities for younger people. There’s a problem. The mass retirement may never happen. That article includes some generalizations about those approaching 60 years old and their attitudes towards retirement, and includes a ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Income Statement, November 2006 (Net Income: $2,250)

by Luke Landes

You may have already viewed this month’s balance sheet. What follows is my income and expense report, in which I look at where my money came from and where it went. After all expenses were paid, I ended up with $2,250 of my November income remaining. That’s lower than the last several months, but I ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Balance Sheet, November 2006 ($67,377, +5.54%)

by Luke Landes

Here’s my latest balance sheet, a listing of the end-of-month balances for my bank and investment accounts with a few assets and liabilities. This is used to calculate my net worth each month. Any month in which I’ve come out ahead of the previous month I consider a success, and November was good. Continue reading ... Continue reading this article…

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Best Posts of the Week

by Luke Landes

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the posts that caught my attention over the past week, from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity describes the difference between loan deferment and forebearance. AllFinancialMatters warns us of foreclosure scams. FreeMoneyFinance points out five 401(k) mistakes to avoid. Mighty Bargain Hunter says coin collecting is ... Continue reading this article…

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Whining About the Lack of Interest in Their House?

by Luke Landes

The Jantzens are trying to sell their house, located in the woods of Kentucky. This house is an hour outside of Louisville, inconvenient for the owners, so they want to unload the property, downsize to fit their lifestyle, and move closer to town. For some reason, their house isn’t attracting any local interest among potential ... Continue reading this article…

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Subscribing is Easy and All The Cool Kids Do It

by Luke Landes

I noticed a higher than average number of new readers at Consumerism Commentary over the last month. I just wanted to write a quick reminder that it’s really easy to subscribe to our RSS feed in your favorite feed reader or get newest blog entries in your emailbox. It’s all about convenience. And by the ... Continue reading this article…

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Financial Institutions Have Yet Another Terrorist Threat

by Luke Landes

A few years ago, my company was put on alert for a day thanks to the supposed discovery of a terrorist plot. The CEO announced a number of new security measures to be put in place. It looks like they’re at it again and this time it’s financial websites that may be targeted in an ... Continue reading this article…

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Sometimes Financial Decisions Must Consider More Than Just Money

by Luke Landes

I alluded to this in a post yesterday, the title of which got my girlfriend’s attention. Anyway, sometimes it makes more sense not to chase the highest returns. The Money Magazine Expert, Walter Updegrave, agrees. In his latest advice column, he tackles the problem of a couple with a healthy emergency fund and student loan ... Continue reading this article…

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