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2007 New Jersey Homestead Rebate: Receive Up to $2,000

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Homeowners in New Jersey are eligible for a partial rebate of property taxes paid. If you owned and lived in a house in New Jersey on October 1, 2007, you are eligible. Renters like me are eligible for a separate rebate up to $860.

If you haven’t received an application, you should shortly. The state suggests calling the Homestead Rebate Hotline if you haven’t received this application by July 23.

Tenants will not receive an application. The rebate form for tenants was included in the 2007 income tax package. I checked my state tax return, which I filed via TaxAct, and my rebate application was submitted with my income tax form. As I am neither disabled nor over the age of 65, the maximum amount I can receive for this rebate is $80, a 6.7% increase over last year.

The calculation for the homeowners’ rebate is different. For those under 65 and not disabled, you will receive either 20% of the first $10,000 of property taxes paid (if your income is below $100,000), 10% of your total property taxes paid (if your income is between $100,000 and $150,000), or nothing.

To receive your rebate, you muat file your application by August 15.

2007 Homestead Rebate Program

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avatar matty dread

why does new jersey collect taxes and then give them back? is there some basis used to determine if a rebate is coming or not?

i looked on the state website and didn’t see any information on that…

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avatar Sam

Matty, they don’t “give them back” they rebate a portion if eligible to offset the high tax rate in NJ. The following website lists eligibility requirements.


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avatar dorsey

when the IRS began to tell us about the stimulus paymant the said it had nothing to do with the home stead rebates. the head of state was talking about
giving more money to us new jersey folks, until that payment came out

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avatar diane m palen

I received a letter about additional information. Needed. I tried to call to get some help; but can not get through. Can someone please contact me so I can send this data out before deadline.

Thank You

Diane M. Palen

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avatar sisoduff

I am a low income tenant, however, I didn’tsee an increase this year in the rebate. I saw a decrease..my check for 80.00 arrived today.. last year I received 350.00.. What is that? same rent.. same house..

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avatar dave long

i am a renter who has rented from the same place for 20 years…but…i am diabled and live off of my social security check so i do not file income tax and did not receive an application for renters, do i qualify for a rebate ?

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avatar brandykratz

I just received my $80 rebate. I’m really ticked off. Last year I got $350, this year only $80. I cannot believe this. I earned less then last year and I’m still paying the same amount in rent. Who can we complain to about this. I’m considered low-income and I still manage to pay high rent and raise 4 growing boys. This is definately not fair. I understand that homeowners pay a lot in property taxes, but what about us tenants who have to struggle to pay rent, PSE&G (utilites), and make sure our children are fed and clothed. Also what about the fact that half of these homeowners are behind on thier taxes and do not make repairs that need to be made on their property. There has to be someone we can talk to about this.

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avatar Sam

Here is a link. I posted a lot of info yesterday relating to renter eligibility but for some reason my post was deleted.


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avatar Sam

Go to the link in my first post above and click on Homestead rebate. There are links there that answer eligibility questions as well as a link to contact the state dept. of taxation to ask questions.

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avatar John Meechan

I’ve tried calling, but to no avail. a 30 minute wait due to caller volumn. My question is: I share a house with a partner, and she recieved $1230.00 rebate, and I only recieved $1000.00. We both contribte 50% of the taxes on the house, and I’m wondering why she recieved more.

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avatar billy

did anyone ever find out why renters only got 80 dollars this year and got 350 last year? please inform me cuz i cant get anywhere with calling the state!

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avatar Yasmin

I received a set-off notice from the state on taxes that I owed the IRS which was $359. I paid over 15,000 is property taxes. My question is due to the set-off to pay the IRS will I get a check for the balance.

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avatar Focused1

What is the status of the rebate? I am a homeowner and I have not received any status on mind. Filled out the application some time ago and even called for status and still no updates. Can someone give me a straight answer?

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avatar No Need

What’s the deal with the rebates for 2009 (2008 tax year, that is)?

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avatar Gloria J. Nardone

My mother, —, has NOT received her rebate. All her mail is being forward to me at:

Frenchtown, NJ 08825

Can you locate her check? If it has been cashed, it was not by her, and consider that theft and forgery. Most likey to have stolen the check are step-dad and his children.

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avatar Luke Landes

Unfortunately there’s nothing we here at Consumerism Commentary can do about your missing rebate. You will have to contact the State of New Jersey.

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avatar walter youmans

Where is the rebate-all I can get from the automates system is they can’t provide information on my status-I’m disabled ,and have auto insurance to pay -can I tell the insuranc eI’m sorry about the inconvience o fbeing late with my payment. ou can’t even get into talk to a person -top see what is not right -or still needed

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