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January 2007

Don’t Feel Bad if You Have a Messy Desk

by Luke Landes

There may be a negative correlation between creativity and tidy desks. If there is, that would probably explain my work space. I’ve had managers in the past who encourage organizing the piles of paper and other managers who do not care. Well, I listened to a short piece on NPR’s Marketplace which mentioned a new ... Continue reading this article…

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10 Things Your Gym Won’t Tell You

by Luke Landes

Just when I’m considering becoming a member at a gym to help myself stay in shape, SmartMoney publishes 10 Things Your Gym Won’t Tell You. If you’re looking for a demotivator to keep you from spending money for a membership that many find a waste of money, this article has what you’re looking for. Here ... Continue reading this article…

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The Carnival is Up!

by Luke Landes

Mighty Bargain Hunter was the first host of the Carnival of Personal Finance for the new year! Start your week off right by reading a bit of what the blogosphere offers in recent personal finance articles. Here are some consumer-related to start with: * My Two Dollars writes about The Art of the Complaint and ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Income Statement, December 2006 (Net Income: $2,866)

by Luke Landes

The following table describes my income and expenses for the month of December 2006. It follows my balance sheet, so if you’re interested in peeking into my finances, take a look there first. Otherwise, read on to find out how I ended up with $2,866 after all my expenses were paid this month.

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Personal Balance Sheet, December 2006 ($70,108, +4.19%)

by Luke Landes

Thanks to dividends paid to me in my 401(k), I broke past $70,000 to close out the year at $70,108! I know that among 30-year-old financial bloggers like myself, that may not be an impressive number. Considering most of my adult life I was making less than the cost of working, I’m satisfied so far. ... Continue reading this article…

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