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March 2008

Turbo Charge Your Financial Transformation

by Guest Author

About the author: This is a guest post by the anonymous author of the blog Father Sez, a father of four children who wishes to share with and learn from other parents with the goal of preparing children for facing the world independently. You know your financial life is in a mess. You know the […]

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Anyone Fly Virgin America?

by Luke Landes

This weekend, I purchased tickets for the trip my girlfriend I will be taking to California in April. My general method of operation for purchasing airline tickets is to decide which dates will be best for traveling taking into account my schedule and my girlfriend’s schedule. She’s a teacher who doesn’t take vacations or sick […]

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Teaching Financial Skills to Teens With Learning Disabilities

by Luke Landes

Almost 3 million children in the United States have learning disability (LDs). Different types of LDs have different effects on a child’s ability to perceive, comprehend, and interpret information, and these effects can last into adulthood. For example, dyslexia and dysnumeria can make financial calculations difficult, and temporal problems can lead to a tendency to […]

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How to Waste $42 Million (and Blog Roundup)

by Luke Landes

“The check is almost in the mail.” Shortly, the IRS will send letters to everyone who filed a tax return for 2006 to let them know about the economic stimulus rebate checks. The actual checks won’t be in the mail until at least May. On one hand, it’s good to get information into the hands […]

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Hiring Our First CPA

by Smithee

At the age of 32, with our household income breaking the $100,000 (US) mark for 2007, I was finally convinced by family and friends to take our tax preparation to a specialist, a Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”). I was always wary of the idea, primarily because since I started filing taxes at age 16, I […]

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H&R Block Catering to Younger Taxpayers

by Luke Landes

This year, H&R Block has assembled an online community to promote its tax preparation products and services. The H&R Block Digits website is a forum where visitors can talk with each other about taxes as well as other random topics, like the one titled, “When You’re All Done Having the Babies.” This new site is […]

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Too Cheap for iPhone or Blackberry, But I Got My Mobile Web Access

by Sasha

My day-to-day existence includes nearly 4 hours of commuting, 8-12 hours of work where I’m without access to my personal e-mail, and very little time left over in which to live life to the fullest. In my endless struggle to balance work, friends and family, I find that mobile web access is a must. For […]

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Survey: Americans are Financially Illiterate

by Luke Landes

The new bill supporting financial literacy education introduced in the Senate recently may be a response to a recent survey that quantified apparent American ignorance in matters of money. The survey presented 1,000 people with a hypothetical scenario about credit card debt and asked them to compute how long it would take to pay it […]

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New Bill to Provide Grants for Financial Literacy Education

by Luke Landes

A week ago, U.S. Senator Patty Murray introduced legislation proposing an investment of $250 million to support personal finance education in public schools and colleges. Education is the key to improving the financial stability of future generations, and parents have the strongest side of responsibility. While the general media doesn’t encourage fiscal responsibility through excessive […]

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Bloggers: Apply to Host the Carnival of Personal Finance

by Luke Landes

Did you catch this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by The Baglady? She interspersed a plethora of good to excellent articles with facts (and widely-believed myths) about the homeless. Check out these tidbits bringing attention to the issue as well as the recent articles from the blogosphere at the the latest edition of the […]

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