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March 2008

New Bill to Provide Grants for Financial Literacy Education

by Luke Landes

A week ago, U.S. Senator Patty Murray introduced legislation proposing an investment of $250 million to support personal finance education in public schools and colleges. Education is the key to improving the financial stability of future generations, and parents have the strongest side of responsibility. While the general media doesn’t encourage fiscal responsibility through excessive […]

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Bloggers: Apply to Host the Carnival of Personal Finance

by Luke Landes

Did you catch this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by The Baglady? She interspersed a plethora of good to excellent articles with facts (and widely-believed myths) about the homeless. Check out these tidbits bringing attention to the issue as well as the recent articles from the blogosphere at the the latest edition of the […]

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How to Get Money Back From Airborne

by Luke Landes

I mentioned yesterday that the makers of Airborne are being sued for $23.3 million for false advertising. This is a class-action lawsuit, so some of that $23.3 million will go back to customers who purchased the product and failed to see cold relief. If you purchased an Airborne product between May 1, 2001 and November […]

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Airborne to Pay $23.3 Million for False Advertising

by Luke Landes

Last winter, I had more than my normal share of sick days. This year, I’ve managed to stay healthier (knock on wood), but during my series of colds in 2006-07, I received many recommendations at work for Airborne, a product designed by a teacher. The concept didn’t make much sense to me. Yes, teachers, particularly […]

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Personal Income Statement, February 2008 (Net Income: $11,731)

by Luke Landes

Earlier today, I posted my monthly net worth report, including an increase of more than 8 percent over the month of February. This post contains my income statement, outlining my income and expenses as I recorded throughout the month in Quicken. When I don’t take realized gains into account, February 2008 has seen the largest amount […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, February 2008 ($135,649, +8.4%)

by Luke Landes

Every month I take the time to export reports from my personal copy of Quicken and post them to the web. This helps me keep myself accountable for my finances. And it’s fun, at least when the number go up from one month to the next. That was the case in the long short month […]

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Is it Better to Receive a Tax Refund or Owe the IRS?

by Luke Landes

When you work for a company that manages its payroll properly, federal and state taxes are withheld every pay period. The companies estimate your total tax bill based on your annual salary and divide that amount by the number of pay periods within the year. They get some help from the W-4 form you filled […]

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Some Surprises in Consumer Reports’ Top 10 Cars for 2008

by Luke Landes

Consumer Reports published their latest top picks for the best cars of 2008, and some of the selections may surprise faithful followers of the magazine. Here’s the list. Green car: Toyota Prius. This was the same selection as last year, so there’s no surprise here. A co-worker who owns a Honda Fit, who’s happy with […]

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Intereviewed by MoneyCrashers (and Blog Round-Up)

by Luke Landes

Erik from MoneyCrashers contacted me recently and offered me the chance to share the story of Consumerism Commentary. We finished the interview this past week, and you can now read it online. I appreciate the chance, and it’s exciting to me that someone is interested in the motivation behind Consumerism Commentary. Here are some other […]

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