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More Children are Budding Philanthropists

by Luke Landes

I’ve had charity on my mind lately, and it seems to be affecting what I write about. During my normal reading, I came across a Washington Post article about what is apparently an increase in philanthropy among teenagers and younger children. Young children and teenagers across the nation are getting involved in philanthropy more than ... Continue reading this article…

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Morning Roundup: Goals Across the Web

by Luke Landes

Now that I set my financial goals for 2008, I have to start taking steps to achieve them. This is only the second year I’ve set goals like this for myself, and after good results last year, I’m feeling confident. Do you set goals for yourself? Feel free to share them within the comments, particularly ... Continue reading this article…

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Monthly Reminder: Subscribe to Consumerism Commentary

by Luke Landes

By subscribing to our RSS feed, you’ll always be aware of new content here, whether from me or Sasha. The feed contains full articles, so you only have to visit the website directly when you want to leave a comment or ask a question. If you use Google Reader for reading news and blogs like ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Income Statement, December 2007 (Net Income: $4,252)

by Luke Landes

Earlier today, I posted my year-end balance sheet for 2007. This is a companion to that report. Below, I list my expenses and income for December 2007 and the entire year, as well as some numbers from prior years for comparison. The balance report lists the state of my various accounts, while the income statement ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Balance Sheet, December 2007 ($122,596, +1.5%)

by Luke Landes

It’s time to close the books on 2007, a successful year for me in terms of financial growth. As I do every month, I’m taking some time to publish financial reports in order to track my progress publicly. I’ve been posting these reports online since July 2003 in order to keep myself accountable for the ... Continue reading this article…

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Buy Holiday Items Now and Save Lots

by Luke Landes

Now is most likely the best time for finding great deals on holiday items like Christmas tree ornaments and decorations. While I’m inclined to say that holiday tchotchkes are generally overpriced to begin with, I’ve spotted discounts up to 75 percent off of the regular price over the past few days. Most people, particularly those who ... Continue reading this article…

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5 Stupid Financial Mistakes I Made in 2007: Failing to Utilize the Energy Tax Credit

by Sasha

Sure, I’m much more aware of my personal finances now, and made some very positive changes in 2007, but looking back, I realize I’ve also made some very-avoidable mistakes, for which I’m kicking myself. My first mistake is also the most annoying to me, since I’ll be feeling the impact of this particular poor decision ... Continue reading this article…

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Eco-Friendly Ball for New Year’s Eve

by Luke Landes

Last night, my girlfriend and I, along with millions of other people, watched the “ball drop,” the traditional count down to the new year. I happened to catch Ryan Seacrest mention that the “ball” is all new this year, and those who manufactured the shining orb took a more eco-friendly approach. So I looked up ... Continue reading this article…

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Flexo’s Financial Goals and Resolutions for 2008

by Luke Landes

I noted recently that most people fail at financial new year’s resolutions. That may because of the tradition that the typical “resolution” is a light-hearted attempt at improving one’s self, many times uttered in a drunken state, without much of a plan for attainment. If you want to succeed, set a real, solid goal, devise ... Continue reading this article…

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The Carnival is Up!

by Luke Landes

Happy new year! The last Carnival of Personal Finance has been published at We’re in Debt. The King of Debt was gracious enough to include my article about charitable gift funds in the Carnival as well as a number of other great articles. In addition to the Editor’s Picks, take a look at How to ... Continue reading this article…

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