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High Tech Coupons: Yowza!!, Where, and Google’s Favorite Places

by Luke Landes

The recession has inspired a focus on saving more money among Americans, even if this focus is likely temporary, giving way to excess spending once employment returns to a sustainable level and credit becomes readily available. But for a short time, frugality has permeated the country’s consciousness. It has popped up everywhere, including technological innovation. […]

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New Staff Writer, Facebook Giveaway, and Best of November

by Luke Landes

Thanks to all the Consumerism Commentary readers who commented or emailed me about the auditions for staff writer. I’d like to welcome Kelly Whalen, a writer whose primary website is The Centsible Life, to the Consumerism Commentary team! Kelly will be providing one article a week starting this Thursday. Tom Dziubek and I will speak […]

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3 Interesting Coins You Might Find in Your Change

by Luke Landes

It’s becoming increasingly rare, but once in a while it is possible to find interesting coins in your pocket change. Professional and amateur coin collectors tend to snap these up so the coins are taken out of circulation, and many of the most interesting coins are aging and damaged. I do not use cash on […]

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Podcast 33: Identity Theft and Identity Fraud With Terri Cullen

by Luke Landes

On today’s Consumerism Commentary Podcast, Tom Dziubek speaks with author and columnist, Terri Cullen. Terri Cullen is the author of The Complete Identity Theft Guidebook: How to Protect Yourself from the Most Pervasive Crime in America and is a former columnist for the Wall Street Journal. Tom Dziubek and Terri Cullen discuss identity theft and […]

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Initial TARP Recipients are 57% Repaid

by Smithee

With the news that Bank of America hurried up a sale of securities in order to pay back their TARP loan, the story of the many billions loaned to the “big banks” has reached an interesting turning point: they’re now more than half paid back, 57 percent to be precise. Here’s the breakdown of the $165 […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, November 2009

by Luke Landes

This week, Consumerism Commentary is matching your charitable donations up to $4,000. Here are the details. It’s time again for checking in with the state of my finances. Although a few months ago, I changed the format to isolate my “side business” from my personal finances, I’ve changed my mind yet again. It makes more […]

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Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Cars

by Luke Landes

A reached another milestone earlier this week. My 2004 Honda Civic, which I purchased new in June 2004, passed 111,111 miles, after passing 100,000 in March. The car runs wonderfully still, as I expected it would years ago when I purchased it, and I don’t intend on selling it for a while, if at all. […]

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Your Flexible Spending Account: 10 Qualifying Purchases

by Luke Landes

Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs) are often offered by companies to help their employees save money by setting aside income from paychecks to pay for health-related expenses without being taxed. For many Flexible Savings Account holders, the deadline for using the funds set aside is the end of the calendar year. Medical FSAs usually provide the […]

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Energy Efficient Appliance Upgrade, Anyone?

by Smithee

Much like the wildly popular and probably successful Cash for Clunkers program earlier this year, a portion of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is being allotted to a program for upgrading older, energy wasting appliances. None of the important details have been released yet, such as “what Energy Star rating will my new […]

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Consumerism Commentary’s Prospective Staff Writers

by Luke Landes

Announcement: We have decided to extend the period for matching your charitable contributions through the end of this week. Contribute to your favorite charity this week and forward your contribution receipt to us. We will donate a matching amount to the World Food Programme. Here are the complete details. Over the past few weeks, Consumerism […]

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