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PerkStreet $25 Checking Account Bonus With 2% Cash Back

by Luke Landes

When I first started paying attention to managing my money, depositing my money in an interest-bearing savings or checking account was one of the smartest financial moves I made. While it’s still one of the safest, banks are paying next to nothing on interest these days. Instead of moving money from one account to another […]

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Make More Money By Sleeping More

by Luke Landes

Although I’ve always been a proponent of the value of getting a full night’s sleep for health, this is something that I haven’t been able to do for myself for many years. The people I know who are most committed to their careers and those for whom anything other than success is unacceptable have had […]

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Is it Time to Buy a House?

by Luke Landes

If you ask a Realtor or a national association of individuals within that profession whether now is the perfect time to buy a house, they would say yes. Of course, their answer was yes a year ago, when average prices were low, and their answer was yes a few years ago, when average prices were […]

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The Plum Card® from American Express OPEN 1.5% Early Pay Discount

by Luke Landes

Small businesses often rely on credit to survive through the early stages. Unless you’re independently wealthy with money ready to invest, getting a small business off the ground requires a lot of hard work. The money is often provided by banks willing to back your business. Without collateral for a loan, many start-up entrepreneurs are […]

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Life After Salary: The Human Connection

by Luke Landes

Working in an office on a team with other employees is a social activity. Although there is work to be done and goals to accomplish, and although most of us stare at computer screens all day and spend most of the time in a cubicle or an office, many tasks require communicating with the people […]

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Podcast 86: Andrew Buckley and Jay Sheehan, The Costs of Making a Documentary

by Luke Landes

On today’s Consumerism Commentary Podcast, Tom Dziubek speaks with Andrew Buckley and Jay Sheehan, members of the Hit and Run History documentary team. Andrew and Jay discuss the multiple costs involved in filming a documentary, including costs for purchasing equipment, creating videos, publishing and advertising as well as utilizing free or cheap resources to do […]

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My $10 Mistake and Articles of Interest

by Luke Landes

I overdrew my checking account about two weeks ago. It was a stupid mistake. I recently set up an automatic investment for my SEP IRA, $1,750 at the end of each month, transferred from my checking account at Wachovia to Vanguard, invested in VTSMX. On November 30, I checked my Vanguard account, and I didn’t […]

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Life After Salary: Saving for Retirement

by Luke Landes

One of the benefits of earning income outside of a day job while not significantly increasing my expenses has been the ability to fully invest in a 401(k) plan. Assuming one can trust the chances of the stock market (and the financial industry) to produce impressive results over the long term, the 401(k) is the […]

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Life After Salary: Structure and Motivation

by Luke Landes

Time management has never been my strength. I like working at my own pace, and the certain working structures, like deadlines, tend to annoy me rather than motivate me. It’s no wonder I’m excited about leaving a job with a typical standardized nine-to-five schedule. I allow myself distractions and breaks and often procrastinate. Despite this, […]

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Citi ThankYou℠ Premier Card $200 Gift Card Bonus

by Luke Landes

The offer you are interested in has expired. Read our review of other Citi cards.

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