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Life After Salary: Structure and Motivation

by Luke Landes

Time management has never been my strength. I like working at my own pace, and the certain working structures, like deadlines, tend to annoy me rather than motivate me. It’s no wonder I’m excited about leaving a job with a typical standardized nine-to-five schedule. I allow myself distractions and breaks and often procrastinate. Despite this, […]

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Citi ThankYou℠ Premier Card $200 Gift Card Bonus

by Luke Landes

The offer you are interested in has expired. Read our review of other Citi cards.

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The Motley Fool Now Offering Mutual Funds

by Luke Landes

Don’t forget Consumerism Commentary is matching charitable contributions. Consumerism Commentary readers have donated $2,100 as of this morning, resulting in a total of $4,200 designated for charity including our matching contribution. Sign up and get your donation matched before December 11! About a decade ago, I first learned about no-load index mutual funds and, after […]

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Life After Salary: Individual Health Insurance

by Luke Landes

Now that I’ll be leaving my corporate job and leaving behind the benefits a salaried position afforded me, I need to begin looking at alternative options for those benefits. One of the first concerns on my list is health insurance. Inside the company, our annual benefits enrollment period was completed only a few weeks ago, […]

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Frugality is Bad For the Economy

by Luke Landes

The concept of frugality has permeated mainstream personal finance in the past few years. That’s understandable, given the state of the economy. For many who have been personally affected, following the loss of income or a job, this frugality is a forced approach. People are looking for ways to save money because they have less […]

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Podcast 85: Nate St. Pierre and J. Money, Love Drop

by Luke Landes

On today’s Consumerism Commentary Podcast, Tom Dziubek speaks with Nate St. Pierre, founder of the community building website ItStartsWith.Us, and Budgets Are Sexy founder J. Money. Tom talks with Nate and J. about their new micro-giving endeavor, Love Drop. They talk about what Love Drop is and what it hopes to accomplish, such as leveraging […]

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Resignation Complete and Weekend Reading

by Luke Landes

Don’t forget Consumerism Commentary is matching charitable contributions. It’s official. Earlier this week, I offered my resignation to the large corporation where I’ve been employed for just under a decade. I have less than two weeks to wrap up my projects and transition work to the rest of my team. It won’t be long before […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, November 2010 ($494,715, +6.1%)

by Luke Landes

If you’ve been following Consumerism Commentary for some time, you may know that I post my balance sheet at the beginning of each month. I take this time to review my finances and determine whether I’m moving forward. In addition to my balance sheet, I review my expenses and income. I’ve been posting these monthly […]

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Body Parts You Can Sell

by Luke Landes

As I mentioned a few days ago, Consumerism Commentary is matching your charitable contributions. Please take this opportunity to give to your favorite charity. Here’s how to make your charity count twice. If you’re desperate for cash, you may have considered selling some of your extraneous body parts. In some ways, I’m glad there isn’t […]

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Sony Card From Capital One $50 Gift Card

by Luke Landes

The holiday season is one of the best times to hold a rewards credit card and it’s quickly approaching (again). The Sony Card from Capital One is a good example of this. Each year around the holidays, Sony bumps up their credit card offer and this year they’ve done it again. Today, The Sony Card […]

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