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June 2011

Start Looking for and Collecting These Coins Now

by Luke Landes

Throughout recent American history, the metals used by the U.S. Mint to create coins for circulation have increased in value relative to the currency. As a result, at certain points, the Mint changed the metal composition of coins to ensure the government would still make money on production. In 1982, when the amount of copper ... Continue reading this article…

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Are You Shunning the Stock Market?

by Luke Landes

Have you given up on the stock market like a large portion of Americans? I’m getting ready to dive in. According to a survey by a large financial company, 58 percent of Americans have lost faith in the stock market and 44 percent believe they will never invest in the stock market again. While the first question ... Continue reading this article…

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BillGuard Monitors Your Credit Card Statements for Unwanted Charges

by Luke Landes

Hundreds of Consumerism Commentary readers have written in to this website to complain about FreeCreditReport.com. Many customers believed they were signing up for a free service, but the fine print indicated that accessing one’s credit report for free led to automatic credit card charges that were difficult to reverse. A new service promises to monitor ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Balance Sheet, May 2011 ($844,136, +9.6%)

by Luke Landes
Net Worth Balance Sheet, May 2011

Over the past few days, I considered making some drastic changes to the way I report my finances at the end of each month. I’ve been trying to decide whether it makes more sense to separate my business accounts from this report and report the numbers separately as I did a few years ago, remove ... Continue reading this article…

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Chase Sapphire Card Review

by Luke Landes

With the summer months quickly approaching, credit card issuers are scrambling to create incentives on their travel reward credit cards. It’s no secret that a good bonus attract thousands of new cardholders, and Chase has decided to go after customers with this offer of 10,000 point bonus for new holders of the Chase Sapphire® Card, ... Continue reading this article…

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