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$25 Bonus for Opening ING Direct Electric Orange Checking Account

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After logging into ING Direct to view my account balances this morning, I noticed the bank is offering referral bonuses like they do for their savings account. I have $625 to give away, $25 to each of 25 individuals.

ING Direct Electric Orange Checking AccountI’ve written about Electric Orange a few times. Here are some of my prior posts about the account.

* ING Direct’s Electric Orange Checking Account
* ING Direct Closed Customer’s Account Due to Bad Credit
* ING Direct Offers 1% Cash Back to Some Customers
* ING Direct’s Electric Orange Send Paper Checks Feature.

As you can see, the account has both positive and negative aspects to consider. It’s important to know as much about the account as possible before opening. The bank might check your credit, considering overdraft protection is a line of credit and not linked to your savings account. They might cancel your account with notice if you overuse your overdraft protection or otherwise give them reason for doing so.

Here is how the referral works. Let me know, after reviewing the information about this account, if you still want to open one with a deposit of at least $250 by commenting or emailing that you’re interested. You must be not currently be an ING Direct customer. I will send you an email with the URL to activate your bonus. The bonus is only for those who will deposit at least $250 into their account.

If you succesfully use a referral link to open your account, you will receive your $25 immediately and it will earn interest, but you won’t be able to withdraw your bonus for 30 days. At the same time, I will receive a $10 bonus for the referral, similar to the referral system ING Direct used for the Orange Savings account.

I only have 25 of these referrals, so there’s a good chance they’ll go quickly. After opening your accoumt, you will likely receive your own set of 25 referrals.

Updated May 20, 2013 and originally published August 3, 2007.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

And when you run out, send the overspill my way! :-D

After making subtle inquiries I found out a lot of my friends have ING savings accounts already, so I still have a lot of those too. At this point, I’m not sure finding anyone who doesn’t have at least a savings account will be difficult.

I know some people have been unhappy with ING’s checking service or think you can get better rates from other online banks, but I find ING to be so easy to use, that I won’t switch. (The Sun’s Financial Diary asked me why I wouldn’t. I don’t know. I must be mental not to chase online rates.)

avatar 2 Anonymous

I’d be interested in opening an account and MapGirl I’m still one of the very few out there that doesn’t have an ING savings account.

Send the account opening bonuses my way if you still have them :)

avatar 3 Luke Landes

Fellowes: It’s on the way.

avatar 4 Anonymous

I haven’t looked yet, but I found out the hard way that the referral bonus on the Orange Savings has a time limit, and if you try to use it after that, ING will quietly fail to tell you that the bonus no longer applies as you set up your account. Make a point of checking if the Electric Orange referrals work the same way. I filed a complaint telling them they should at least warn you when you come in on an expired referral, but I’ve heard nothing on that point.

avatar 5 Anonymous

I’m opening an account very soon and would love the $25 bonus.

avatar 6 Anonymous

Can someone email me a code… I plan on opening an account later tonight. Thanks!

avatar 7 Anonymous

Well I was sold until reading that I can’t be a current ING customer… bummer.

avatar 8 Anonymous

Please send me one of the $25 credit offers for opening an Electric Orange Account.



avatar 9 Luke Landes

To everyone who has requested referrals this far, your emails have been sent. If you didn’t receive referral emails, let me know and I will resend them. Thanks!

avatar 10 Anonymous

I’ll take that link…
I just google’d ‘ing checking referal bonus’ and came across your posting… I’m going to sign up tonight, so if you get send me the link soon….

avatar 11 Luke Landes

Ryan: Referral email is on the way. Thanks!

avatar 12 Anonymous

if you or anyone else has any referrals left, please email me!

thanks :)

avatar 13 Anonymous

hi, I’d like one of the referrals please, if anyone has one..

moving some money out of an uninsured money market fund, to the FDIC-insured ING account. The recent cavortings of the market have me worried.

avatar 14 Luke Landes

All referral requested thus far have been sent. Thanks! If you don’t see the emails yet, be sure to check your spam folder if you have one. Remember that your initial deposit has to be at least $250 in order to receive the bonus.

avatar 15 Anonymous

Hi Flexo: I need a referral for orange checking accounts. Thanks a lot

avatar 16 Anonymous

I’d love to have a referral as well (I will be opening an account today if possible). Thanks!

avatar 17 Anonymous

I’d also like a referral if possible. Thanks.

avatar 18 Anonymous

Hi Flexo,
I’d love one of those referrals. I was planning on getting a checking account with ING anyway. Please send one my way.


avatar 19 Anonymous

Thanks for the email Flexo. I already have a savings account with them, so I guess I don’t qualify.

avatar 20 Anonymous


avatar 21 Anonymous

I would really love a code for the @25 bonus. My daughter just opened a checking with over $400 and I opened a savings with $25, but we now both want to open an orange savings and get the bonuses. Please let me know what to do.

avatar 22 Anonymous

I am interested in the orange too! I’ve been thinking about opening an electric orange checking and would love to take advantage of the $25 referral. Please send one my way if you have any left. Thx

avatar 23 Anonymous

I am about to open an Electric Orange account, and stumbled across the bonus offer.

If you have any left over, please let me know.


avatar 24 Anonymous

I am interested in opening an ING account and would appreciate a referral code and any insight on how to know if it has expired or not. Thank you

avatar 25 Anonymous

I would like a code.


avatar 26 Anonymous

I too have extra referrals. So if you send me an e-mail, I can help you out.

avatar 27 Anonymous

I have plenty of referrals left. If you’d like the $25 bonus, please send your email address and name to me.

avatar 28 Anonymous

can somebody pl send a referral link to hydreal at gmail dot com?

avatar 29 Anonymous

I’d also like a referral link to:

mike2254 at hotmail dot com


avatar 30 Anonymous

I can send referral links but I need your first and last name and e-mail address. This is what ING asks for, once I input the information the link is sent directly to your e-mail address.
I can send electric orange checking or savings whichever you prefer.

avatar 31 Anonymous

Hey Patty,

Awesome. Although I’d rather send that information via email. So I won’t get multiple invites to ING from people surfing.

Could you send me a quick email at: mike2254 at so I can respond with the details?


avatar 32 Anonymous

I would also like a referral, and will take the first one I receive. Send to spamnn at gmail.