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401(k) Asset Allocation

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The chart that follows is my 401(k) asset allocation. I’m striving for an aggressive approach to investing for retirement since I theoretically have many years before I would be able to stop working. The company suggests a slightly different allocation for an aggressive portfolio: 25% small/mid cap instead of my 30%, 65% large cap instead of my 45% and 10% international instead of my 25%. We don’t have many choices for specific funds, so I’m stuck with the management fees they give us.

My account is also set to automatically rebalance every quarter. Feel free to leave any comments or questions.

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avatar JLP

WHAT! NO bonds? Just kidding. I think that looks like a great allocation. Are you rebalancing once a year?



avatar Luke Landes

I believe the rebalancing is once every quarter. It was the only option for automatic rebalancing. I could probably set up a reminder for myself once a year to do it manually but I decided to take the even lazier route.