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75 Dollar Surprise

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As I checked my bank account balance this morning, I noticed something I wasn’t expecting: a tax refund from the New Jersey 2004 FAIR Tenant Rebate Program is scheduled to be deposited on August 1.

Even though I don’t directly pay property taxes, I pay them indirectly through a portion of my rent. Here are the qualifications for receiving the 2004 rebate (for tenants), for which it is too late to apply for those who are required to submit a tax return. However, I assume there will be a similar program in 2005 and the requirements will be the same.

* You rented and occupied a dwelling in New Jersey that was your principal residence on October 1, 2004
* Your principal residence is subject to local property taxes, and property taxes are paid on that residence through rent
* Your principal residence is a full living unit with its own separate kitchen and bathroom
* Your gross income for 2004 was $100,000 or less.

If any of the following are true, then you are not eligible:

* Tenants living in dwellings owned by the State, County, Municipal, or Federal Government.
* Students living in on-campus apartments at State colleges and universities.
* Tenants living in dwellings owned by a religious, charitable, or other nonprofit organization (including on-campus apartments at private, nonprofit colleges and universities), if the property is exempt from property taxes.
* Tenants living in dwellings on which P.I.L.O.T. (Payments-in-Lieu-of-Tax) payments are made to the municipality. These payments are not considered property taxes for purposes of the FAIR rebate.

A similar rebate exists for homeowners and the qualification requirements are different.

Although it’s “only” $75 for me this year, every little bit helps.

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