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A Better ING Direct Deal

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I didn’t realize this deal at ING Direct was still active. I was looking through my archives and I found my post from September 9, 2003. In that post, I included a link to a better ING Direct offer than the one you find all over the internet (especially blogs) where the originator gets $10 and the new account owner gets $25.

If you open your account using this link, I won’t make any money as your referrer, but you will get $50 instead of $25. Just click on this link to ING Direct’s $50 offer and click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

I’m incredibly happy with ING Direct for my savings account and I would recommend them to anyone.

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avatar Luke Landes

I noticed that. It’ll be interesting to see if ING Direct matches that rate. I’m not going to move my money right away, but I’ll keep my eyes on it.

avatar Luke Landes

Well, look at that. It was still working when I posted that yesterday.

avatar Jonathan

I like ING Direct too, but if you are itching for a higher interest rate, check out the 3% APY at Emigrant Direct.

More info at my recent blog entry.


avatar Jonathan

…And the link you provided looks to be dead now. After click on GO it asks you to call in. Bummer!

avatar mike

hey, I just tried and it worked for me… 3 percent, pretty sweet huh?

avatar Luke Landes

The referral email is on the way!

avatar ina

so the $50 offer doesn’t work anymore? too bad.

anybody want to refer me as a new member? :)

avatar Luke Landes

I resent it. Check in your gmail junk mail folder if you still can’t find it.

avatar ina

still haven’t received the referral email.

avatar ina

received it this time. thanks so much!

avatar Nick

Can you refer me too? nsteele at nitline.net

avatar brian

Email me to get $25 from ING.