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Account Balances and Income vs. Expenses, June 2005

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If you continue reading this entry, you’ll find my account balances for the end of June, 2005. Some notes:

* I have been on a month-to-month lease, which costs me $300 extra each month! I paid for a little more than two months of that fee this month and I haven’t bothered to accrue. That took a bite out of this month’s balances. I have since decided toi sign the lease, reducing my rent to $858 each month.
* I’m using a variation of MM’s Excel-based net worth report now, as I continue to try to determine what kind of report works best for me.
* For some reason, edmunds.com tells me that the value of my 2004 Honda Civic LX has increased in the last month. I don’t believe it, but I’m still using their figures.
* Once again, if it weren’t for the money I make for working overtime, my expenses would be higher than my income. Time to cut back on movies and dinners, I suppose.

Now, on to the charts.



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avatar Jose

You have identified dining and entertainment expenses already.

Why the huge insurance ammounts?
And utilities? Rather high? Too much talking on the phone? (VoIP may help). Too much on cable? Netflix may help. Too much on gas/oil/electricity? (a programable thermostat may help).

avatar Luke Landes

I’ll get back to you with a drilldown of some expenses when I’m in front of my computer at home tonight. I don’t have the details here.

avatar Cap

ah. this is what happens when you get popular. you get spammed.

the good thing is, you can easily delete that spam post.

avatar Luke Landes

Actually I just upgraded to a new version of MovableType which seems to handle spam differently, so some spam messages were getting through. I’ll have to figure that out.