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An Actual CitiBank Credit Card Improvement

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With all the talk about CitiBank’s limitations in its online payment services, I neglected to mention an actual improvement that I noticed through the ordeal. (Luckilly, they sent an reminder of the new feature via email.)

In the past, when users went to pay their credit card bill online, CitiBank would process the payment immediately. There was no way to schedule a payment in advance. That is, at the beginning of the month, I couldn’t set up a transfer for the end of the month and forget about it.

Well, you still can’t do that, exactly. You can schedule a payment up to two weeks in advance. They don’t mention the two week limit in the recent email to customers. This is what they do mention:

Schedule your bill payment in advance. Not ready to pay right away? Now you can schedule your payment for a date that works for you.

Pay from multiple accounts. Up to 5 checking or savings accounts of your choice.

Enjoy enhanced navigation. We’ve revamped navigation to make using Click-to-Pay even easier.

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avatar Caitlin

that is a nice, if slight, improvement. 2 weeks works for me since I intend to pay this particular card “off” twice a month.

And I do like being able to pay from a savings account…that will be nice