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Annoying Calls From Extended Car Warranty Dealers

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Several times a week, I get a phone call from a number I don’t recognize. The caller never leaves a voicemail message, so I always perform a quick Google search to see if I can find any information about the caller before answering or returning the call. In almost all cases, the unknown number has attracted numerous complaints online.

According to the complaints listed for each phone number that has called me unexpectedly during the day, if I were to answer the phone, I would be talking to a pre-recorded telemarketer whose job is to sell me an “extended warranty” for my car.

Even individuals who have placed phone numbers on the Do Not Call registry (more information on Do Not Call) are being bombarded by this telemarketing agency. The Federal Trade Commission is suing the companies behind these “robo-calls,” Voice Touch Inc. and Transcontinental Warranty Inc.

After September 1, telemarketers may only use “robocalls” when a customer has opted in to this particular “service.” Have you received any calls from these companies?

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avatar Tiffany

Yes, the NYS Attorney General is working on these.

Hopefully, he will make some headway.

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avatar Sonny

I have been dealing with this same problem recently. I have been getting numerous calls from some unknown California phone number. When I googled the number, it came back as a cable company. I have never answered but from what I read these are just telemarketing sales calls. I also am on the National Do Not Call list but that does not seem to help.

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avatar MyJourney

Those calls piss me off to no end, but the only thing worse is “Racheal from Card Services” Calls.

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avatar Enrique S

Everyone in my family has received these annoying calls, even the ones that are underaged. Now when I see a strange area code appear on my cell phone, I just ignore it.

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avatar Heatherdawn Waleigh

Yes, I even have gotten these calls on my OnStar number, which of course has no caller ID but just rings and I can pick it up or not. Its worse than getting them on my cell phone number because I buy a costly blocks of 30 minutes at a time for this number which I use if my cell phone is forgotten at home or the battery dies, etc. and would rather not use the minutes for solicitations.

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avatar Madame X

I constantly get voice messages from a company claiming it’s the second notice that my car warranty is expired– and I’ve never even owned a car! They even leave messages on my work Blackberry phone number, which I almost never use… very annoying.

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I Think thee unsolicited calls can be very annoying and have a nuisance value attached to it. Care should be taken to ensure that you do not give your mobile numbers while filling forms online. It can lead to your number being sold to telemarketer. Also one should look to get himself registered for DNS list. It does provide some relief. Besides, if the calls still keep coming from the company where you enrolled for DNS , then you can always take legal recourse.

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avatar Greg

It seems to be one company that pushes car warranties and credit card refinancing. High pressure
sales, with no regard to ‘do not call listing’, and they do call on cell phones. If I have time, I’ll string
them along, pretend I’m interested, and waste their time with false information. (they DO have info
on the people they call, I just say their list must be outdated……)

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avatar Erica Douglass

I haven’t gotten an auto warranty one recently, but I get robocalls from “my local carpet cleaning service.” Except this isn’t a local number. You can call the number back and press 1 to be removed, but it doesn’t seem to stop them. They just call from another number!

One time I pressed the number for more info, got connected to a person, and asked to be removed, and they hung up on me. Yuck. I reported them to the FTC.


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avatar Yana

Yes, I’ve gotten these calls and others. I got several during two days a couple of weeks ago, and pressed the key to speak to someone. Then I feigned interest in the warranty and asked for the information to be faxed to me. The male sounded disappointed but agreed, and the female muttered something about Florida Do Not Call laws, to which I replied, “What’s that got to do with it?”. She hung up on me. I’m in California, and on the Do Not Call list. I received no faxed information, but will continue to ask all violators of the Do Not Call list to fax me the info, so that I can at minimum report them, and more preferably, sue them for profit. I have no use for telephone solicitors of any kind, whether sales, charities or political.

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avatar Kevin

I get these at work… on my cell… on my wife’s cell…

I press to talk while I’m at work and try to waste as much of their time as possible. It’s funny when they’re like “we’re calling about your car warranty!” and then they turn around and ask for the make and model of my car. I then asked “wait, you called me about the warranty. Shouldn’t you have my car info on file?” She tried to play around with she was just the call rep and not the warranty specialist, etc.


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avatar TStrump

Well, I did receive a call from our Chrysler dealership that they ‘needed used cars’ and wanted to know if I wanted to come in and trade my old car in. LOL.
Talk about desperate to sell new cars.
Otherwise, my brother bought a car from them a few years ago and they tried to bury the cost of these useless insurance warranties in the car price.
When we went to sign the paperwork, the final price was magically inflated.

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avatar Stephanie PTY

Ugh, yes, I was getting one about once a week for the last few months. It’s super annoying, because I’ve been in job-application mode, which means I answer every phone call that comes from a strange number (instead of my usual practice of letting strange numbers go to voice mail). One that I got wasn’t a robocall… well, the start of it was, but then it connected me to a real person. This phone call was at about 8pm, and I was in the middle of entertaining some friends (yes, with alcohol)… so the guy on the other end got an earful from a tipsy Stephanie. No one robocalls me in the middle of a party!

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avatar Kerry

I was actually getting them on my home, work, and cell phones — all of which are unlisted and private. it really perplexed me on this.

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avatar Paul

Yes! And several other people I know have this happen to them as well. I’ve been wondering for months why no class action lawsuit against these guys has been started, as it seems to be a real nuisance to very many people.

I also don’t think this is an issue of people giving out their numbers to untrustworthy sources because it seems these people call numbers and phones that are hardly even used. It must be a machine with some sort of random dial that just keeps calling away until it goes through to a real number.

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