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Another Wasted Day

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The theme for today is apparently working at the office, considering this post and the previous about bad bosses. According to calculations from a survey conducted by Microsoft, a five-day work week contains only three days of productivity, on average.

What were the biggest time wasters? Ineffective meetings, lack of communication, unclear objectives and priorities, and procrastination all figured in to contribute to the productivity score of 72 percent for women and 71 percent for men.

Perhaps if we all spent less time searching the internet for topics to blog about, we’d be able to concentrate on our responsibilities. :>

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avatar Neville Medhora

You should get a job like mine which requires no productivity or….well…ANYTHING of you :-)

avatar Darren R. Sussman

I’ve always said that in the average 8 hour workday, you’re lucky if you get 5 good hours of work out of an employee. That was one of my problems with having a “real” job, is that when there were times that I just really didn’t have much to do, I had to always pretend that I was doing something because that’s what they were paying me for.