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Are You On Track?

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MSN Money – Are you on track to retire rich?

According to their charts, you could say I’m on track. The issue I have with this, however, is they use $1,000,000 at retirement as a goal. However, by the time I retire, due to inflation and to increasing life expectancies, $1,000,000 is not going to be enough to retire on.

I don’t think I could see myself fully retiring, anyway. It’s so far away from me, who knows whether I will want to stop working. If I am getting a great satisfaction from my job and I am still capable of doing it, I may not go until I am forced to, at which point I might just find another similar job. It’s too early to tell what I will want at that point of my life.

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avatar Darren R. Sussman

Also, I remember reading an article at least a year ago that said that $1,000,000 was no longer a high enough goal for retirement and that the minimum should really be $2,000,000. And, you’re right, by the time we’re of retiring age, it’ll probably be closer to $4,000,000. :/