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Luke Landes

How to Beat a Certificate of Deposit (CD) Ladder

by Luke Landes

Building a certificate of deposit (CD) ladder is a great process that ensures you’re eventually earning the strongest interest rates available while leaving the possibility open to withdraw money every three months without penalty. In fact, even if you need to withdraw some money between the quarterly window, you would only be faced with a ... Continue reading this article…

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Exclusive Video: Bob Meighan Answers Our Tax Questions

by Luke Landes

There are only twenty-four hours left to file tax returns in the United States or file for a six-month extension. Bob Meighan, CPA and Vice President of TurboTax offered to answer Consumerism Commentary readers’ questions about filing taxes as the last minute. The good news is that even with less than a day left, you ... Continue reading this article…

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Attend a Great Private College for Less Money Than a Public College

by Luke Landes

I’m a big fan of a continuous education that lasts a lifetime, whether earning degrees or just gaining knowledge in topics you’re not normally exposed to. But when you start focusing on money, it’s easy to raise questions about how much education is worthwhile. There is a war over the value of higher education. College ... Continue reading this article…

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Would You Rather Receive a Refund or Owe More Taxes?

by Luke Landes

If you haven’t noticed, it’s tax time. I have noticed, not only because of the relentless emails I receive reminding me of this grand celebration, but also due to people I interact with. As those I know complete their tax returns, I observe the joyfulness they exude as they realize they’ll be receiving a refund ... Continue reading this article…

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Win $10,000 for Tuition or a $500 Gift Card

by Luke Landes

Upromise is sponsoring a contest in honor of Financial Literacy Month. There are two grand prizes of $10,000, cash that can be used for higher education expenses. We touched on the topic of the cost of education on yesterday’s podcast with financial columnist Kara McGuire. I have no children, but thinking about potential children’s projected ... Continue reading this article…

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The American Opportunity Tax Credit

by Luke Landes

Last week I offered some last-minute tax filing tips, and the IRS deadline is looming. I’m happy to tackle tax questions, and Consumerism Commentary reader Eric has one. Eric was a full-time student through May 2009, and he, like many former students, is dealing with the cost of a college education. Eric is looking for ... Continue reading this article…

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Podcast 51: Money and Parenting, Kara McGuire

by Luke Landes

This week’s guest on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast is Kara McGuire, personal finance columnist at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Kara’s column, Ka-Ching, runs every Sunday, and she also writes Ka-Blog, a personal finance blog. In today’s episode, Kara, Flexo and Tom Dziubek discuss the cost of raising a child, how to get a jump on ... Continue reading this article…

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Flexo’s Investment Portfolio, 1Q 2010

by Luke Landes

When I reported my net worth earlier this week, RetirementInvestingToday, a Consumerism Commentary reader, mentioned I should be reporting my investment performance as well, as raw changes in balances don’t tell the full story. An investment’s performance can’t be measured just by looking at a starting and ending balance if during that time I make ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Balance Sheet, March 2010 ($348,492, +11%)

by Luke Landes

The first quarter of 2010 has ended as fast as it began. In observing my personal finances as I have done for the past ten years or so, and publicly on Consumerism Commentary for the last seven years, I’ve put together my monthly balance sheet. This is a list of my account balances, including savings ... Continue reading this article…

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Spirit Airlines Now Charges for Carry-On Luggage

by Luke Landes

Just a few days ago, I arrived home from a vacation that took me to Las Vegas and Death Valley. When preparing for the trip, I used SideStep for finding the best fare that fit my schedule, settling on a flight from EWR to LAS on Continental Airlines. My flights were mostly full, so I ... Continue reading this article…

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