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Luke Landes

Personal Balance Sheet, April 2008 ($151,079, +5.3%)

by Luke Landes

If I were to describe my finances in three words, those words would be “slow, steady progress.” I’m not getting rich by any stretch of the imagination, but if I am able to manage consistent growth at the same rate while making sound financial decisions, I should be able to live without worries. However, anything ... Continue reading this article…

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What Size Bonus Would Convince You to Sign Up for a Credit Card?

by Luke Landes

As a number of Consumerism Commentary visitors have mentioned over the past few months, it’s getting harder to find good credit card deals, including 0 percent APR no-fee balance transfer offers and worthwhile sign-up bonuses. Other commenters who have been successful milking credit card companies with balance arbitrage strategies have slowed down their pursuit with fewer ... Continue reading this article…

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Would You Tell Your Boyfriend You’re Rich?

by Luke Landes

How soon into a relationship should you disclose your financial condition, if at all? A wealthy woman wrote a letter to the editor of Money Magazine recently to explain that she does not want to let her new boyfriend, a relationship with the potential to get serious, that she has money. She is wondering whether ... Continue reading this article…

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Your Job as Your Identity? Not For Me, Thanks

by Luke Landes

By the time I was in third grade, I knew the answer to the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The question is always formed this way, with these particular words. The object of this question is to determine not the philosophy of the individual, but the type of ... Continue reading this article…

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How Much My San Diego Vacation Might Have Cost

by Luke Landes

Last week, I spent several days in San Diego with family and friends, including my mother and her long-time boyfriend, my brother and his girlfriend, and my girlfriend. One benefit of visiting family for vacation every April is the fact that my mother seems quite willing to spend money to ensure everyone’s enjoyment, at least ... Continue reading this article…

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What to Do With Your Economic Stimulus Payment (Or Any Found Money)

by Luke Landes

This week, the Internal Revenue Service of the United States will begin sending direct deposits to those who qualify for the economic stimulus tax payment and checks soon after. Everyone who is interested in the tax ramifications of this payment should now know that the money received as a result will not be counted as ... Continue reading this article…

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Back From California and Blog Roundup

by Luke Landes

I spent this past week visiting family in California. My girlfriend (A.) and I joined my family’s west coast contingent for a few days in San Diego, staying at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay. Among other things, A. and I visited the San Diego Zoo, where I exercised my new Canon Digital Rebel XTi camera ... Continue reading this article…

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Fortune Magazine’s Best Stocks for 2008: Last December’s Prediction

by Luke Landes

This should prove to be a good study of professional prognostication. Last December, Fortune Magazine predicted the best stocks to hold in 2008, directing investors to ten specific stocks the magazine thinks will perform well this year. How are these stocks holding up so far, compared to the indexes? The S&P 500 Index is down ... Continue reading this article…

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Going to California and Blog Roundup

by Luke Landes

Tomorrow morning, my girlfriend and I will be on a Virgin America flight to California. We plan on visiting my family and enjoying a week-long vacation away from our day-time jobs. Posting on Consumerism Commentary will be light during the week. Meanwhile, take a look at these picks from the MoneyBlogNetwork. The Same Actions Will ... Continue reading this article…

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Following Your Bliss: Good Advice or Bunk?

by Luke Landes

One of my favorite musical “acts” is Blue Man Group. The Blue Man Group explores, with primitively modern musical instruments, society, detachment, and collectivism. You may remember them from Intel’s old Pentium commercials. You may also remember them from the television show Arrested Development, in which the character Tobias, played by David Cross, auditioned for ... Continue reading this article…

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