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Luke Landes

News and Blogs: Tuesday, November 11, 2008

by Luke Landes

Profit From the Obama Economy. Invest in biotech, green energy, infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, and information technology. These sectors of the economy are expected to grow during Obama’s presidency. A New Way to Transfer Cash. New technology lets customers use ATMs to transfer cash from one person to another. You will be able to register your ... Continue reading this article…

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Take Control of Your Finances Part 1-B: Take an Inventory

by Luke Landes

An acquaintance of mine formerly owned a store that sells “country” products like hand-crafted wood furniture, candles, and decor inspired by rural living. Twice a year, she recruited family members and friends to help take an inventory of the entire store. This process involved many hours of walking throughout the building and counting items on ... Continue reading this article…

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“Wife Swap” Looking for Investment Club Members

by Luke Landes

If you’re a member of an investment club and are in a typical family unit, ABC wants you to apply to be on the reality series, “Wife Swap.” If you’re selected, your family will receive a “financial honorarium” for appearing on the show, and if you know of someone else who would be a good ... Continue reading this article…

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News and Blogs: Monday, November 10, 2008

by Luke Landes

Circuit City files for bankruptcy. This store is the latest victim of the current economy. You can look through the remaining stores, but I don’t think this bankrupcty will lead to fire-sale prices on electronics as we head into the holiday shopping season. Is It Time to Have a Money Talk, Child to Parent? Will ... Continue reading this article…

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Take Control of Your Finances Part 1-A: Become Aware

by Luke Landes

Who are you? For any one human being, the number of answers to this question approaches infinity. There are many aspects that are included in the definition of self. The most common response is to answer with the collection of sounds used to nominally identify yourself: “I am Joe.” Our names, generally given to us ... Continue reading this article…

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November Cash Experiment

by Luke Landes

After reviewing October’s expenses last week, I decided that November would be a good month to experiment with a cash-only philosophy. Some studies have shown that in general, people spend less money when their only option is cash or that the use of credit cards inspires additional spending. Most of the time, these studies simply ... Continue reading this article…

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Twitter Poll: Will You Be Spending More or Less Than Last Year on Gifts?

by Luke Landes

Every so often, I present a question to Twitter to get a feel for opinions and ideas of Consumerism Commentary fans, readers, and friends. Yesterday, I asked whether you plan on spending more or less this holiday season than you did last year on gifts and other holiday expenses. With a troubling economy that doesn’t ... Continue reading this article…

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Buying the Stock Market on the Dips

by Luke Landes

It’s now more than a month since I considered taking advantage of a downward market by dollar-cost averaging at specific times. Yes, I’m “timing the market.” After making a few newbie mistakes when buying on the dips, I’ve refined my strategy. At Vanguard, I have cash in a tax-exempt money market fund, which I will ... Continue reading this article…

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President-Elect Obama’s Approach to the Economy

by Luke Landes

CNN Money is presenting an in-depth feature explaining where President-elect Obama stands on a variety of economic issues. Here are some highlights: Temporarily eliminate taxes on unemployment benefits. Tax oil profits and use the money to help fund $1,000 rebate checks for consumers hit by high energy costs. Tax carried interest as ordinary income rather ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Income Statement, October 2008 (Net Income: $9,074)

by Luke Landes

Despite the 6 percent decrease in my net worth in October, my income and expenses were healthy. My income was at my expected level for both my salary and “extracurricular” income. October’s expenses were a little higher than expected, but still within an acceptable range. Each month, to accompany my balance sheet, I publish my income ... Continue reading this article…

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