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Luke Landes

ING Direct Electric Orange Interest Rate Drops to 0.5% APY!

by Luke Landes

For those who have enjoyed high-yield savings and checking accounts, get ready for a difficult time keeping up with inflation. ING Direct announced just minutes ago that the bank is dropping the interest rate on the first $50,000 per person deposited in their Electric Orange checking account to 0.5 percent APY. The interest rate is based ... Continue reading this article…

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The Federal Reserve Cut is Irrelevant

by Luke Landes

The Federal Reserve is expected to drop the federal funds rate to 0.5 percent today, the lowest it has ever been. When the Fed drops rates, its intent is to increase lending between banks. This drop, however, will likely have no effect on the bank’s lending practices. This rate is just a target, and it doesn’t ... Continue reading this article…

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I am Debt Free as of Today!

by Luke Landes

For several years, interest rates on high-yield savings accounts were high enough to justify choosing to leave extra money in savings accounts rather than using that money to pay off certain debts faster. I was paying only the minimum payment on my consolidated student loan. The loan’s interest rate was 4.25 percent and I had been ... Continue reading this article…

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Take Control of Your Finances Part 8: Set Savings Targets

by Luke Landes

Last week, I wrote about the importance of setting real life goals in order to take and maintain control of one’s own financial condition. It’s important to break past the idea that a life goal is based on money. For example, entering retirement with $4,000,000 is a good target, but it’s not a major goal. ... Continue reading this article…

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Coworkers Excited About Investing

by Luke Landes

In the sea of cubicles in my office, two of my coworkers were talking yesterday about their investments. As stocks — primarily our company stock — have increased a little from their recent lows, they seem to believe that this might be a good time to increase 401(k) contributions and enroll in the company stock ... Continue reading this article…

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News and Blogs: Monday, December 8, 2008

by Luke Landes

Anheuser-Busch Cuts 1,400 Jobs. This shouldn’t be a surprise after the company was purchased by InBev and the company promised over a million dollars in annual savings. Maybe It’s Time to Buy That First House. Don’t worry, there are no conclusions in this New York Times article. Maybe it is time, but maybe it is ... Continue reading this article…

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Take Control of Your Finances Part 7: Set Goals

by Luke Landes

Last month, I began writing about the process of taking control of one’s own financial condition. It’s common to outline any process by describing a series of steps, and that is the form I have chosen for writing about this particular process. The steps I’ve described roughly follow my experience as I learned to take ... Continue reading this article…

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The Big Three are Back in Washington

by Luke Landes

The CEOs of Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler are heading to Washington, D.C. today for the second time to plead for government assistance. The first trip resulted in public relations faux pas. They flew to Congress on private corporate jets, spending much more company money than necessary. This brings to mind the image of someone ... Continue reading this article…

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Most Popular on Consumerism Commentary: November 2008

by Luke Landes

One of the best methods of reading Consumerism Commentary and staying up-to-date with the latest articles and posts is through RSS subscription. By subscribing to the Consumerism Commentary RSS feed with feed-reading software such as Google Reader or aggregators such as My Yahoo, you’ll always be aware of new content here. If you prefer to ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Income Statement, November 2008 (Net Income: $22,787)

by Luke Landes

Along with the monthly personal balance sheet, which I use to track my net worth from month to month, I publish a report that outlines my income and expenses. The two reports together help me focus on the total picture. My “extracurricular” income — money I’m earning outside of my day job through writing for ... Continue reading this article…

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