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Luke Landes

Toll Hikes Coming to N.J. Turnpike, G.S. Parkway, A.C. Expressway, and Route 440

by Luke Landes

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine announced yesterday a plan to raise money in New Jersey to issue bonds in a public benefits corporation that will manage the toll roads. The bonds will be paid back through a series of toll increases. Starting in 2010 and every four years until 2022, toll prices on the New ... Continue reading this article…

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Midweek Roundup: Welcome Consumerist Readers

by Luke Landes

Thanks to the editors of The Consumerist who directed their readers towards Sasha’s 5 Stupid Financial Mistakes in 2007 and Four Factors That Determine the Value of a Coin. Please feel free to subscribe to the Consumerism Commentary RSS feed to be notified whenever new articles are posted here. Here are some articles I’ve enjoyed ... Continue reading this article…

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15 Credit Cards With the Best Rewards

by Luke Landes

Looking for the best credit cards? Read this updated article. Liz Pulliam Weston asked credit card experts for their recommendations for making the most of the rewards that the issuing companies offer. I’ve done well with my Citi Dividend Platinum Select and now my American Express Blue Cash for Business, but it’s interesting to see ... Continue reading this article…

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Ken Jennings’ Quote of the Day and What Would You Do With $1.5 Million?

by Luke Landes

Ken Jennings was popular for a while as a major winner on Jeopardy. In the tournament, he went home with $2.5m. A windfall like this can inspire inaction or poor decisions. Ken Jennings has advice for those in this position: “Put your money somewhere not idiotic and leave it alone as much as possible.” What ... Continue reading this article…

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The Carnival is Up!

by Luke Landes

The 134th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance is online at Mrs. Micah: Finance for a Freelance Life. It’s hard to find time for all the great articles, and they are abundant this week. Start with Mrs. Micah’s top ten picks, but don’t miss 25 Reasons to Love Credit Cards, Credit Card Companies Want ... Continue reading this article…

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$100 to $200 Bonus for Opening a Chase Checking Account, March 2012

by Luke Landes

Editor’s Note:  These offers are no longer available.  See the bottom of this article for a new $100 bonus for opening a Chase checking account. If you’re looking for the best online checking accounts, including Ally, ING Direct, USAA, and others, read this article. A new Chase branch opened across the street from my apartment ... Continue reading this article…

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Four Factors That Determine the Value of a Coin

by Luke Landes

I recently wrote about some changes coming to the presidential dollar series released into circulation by the U.S. Mint. Jeremy asked: My wife and I received two fancy rolls of uncirculated coins of a 2007 series in a plastic display case as a gift this Christmas. For now they are just going to sit in ... Continue reading this article…

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Presidential Dollar Coins: New Designs in 2008 and Future Changes

by Luke Landes

There’s some news about the relatively unpopular “presidential” golden dollar coins. I’ve been using these coins almost every day, but I have not run into anyone else doing so. Most people I know haven’t even seen the coins. If you want to pick them up from the bank, pay attention to the release schedule: February ... Continue reading this article…

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More Children are Budding Philanthropists

by Luke Landes

I’ve had charity on my mind lately, and it seems to be affecting what I write about. During my normal reading, I came across a Washington Post article about what is apparently an increase in philanthropy among teenagers and younger children. Young children and teenagers across the nation are getting involved in philanthropy more than ... Continue reading this article…

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Morning Roundup: Goals Across the Web

by Luke Landes

Now that I set my financial goals for 2008, I have to start taking steps to achieve them. This is only the second year I’ve set goals like this for myself, and after good results last year, I’m feeling confident. Do you set goals for yourself? Feel free to share them within the comments, particularly ... Continue reading this article…

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