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Auto Insurance Weirdness

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Here’s something odd. After getting my car last March, I had to pay my entire premium in installments, finally due in December. This year, I have to pay me entire premium due in March. According to their paperwork, this means that in the course of one year, I have to pay two years’ worth of premiums.

This doesn’t make sense and I’m hoping there’s something lost in the translation. I’ll give them a call tomorrow; they have Saturday hours. They better have for the amount they quoted me for my premium.

Yes, I had many points on my license, and I’m required until May to be in the “state pool” for car insurance. Having a car in New Jersey, especailly if you have mistakes in your past, can be prohibitively expensive.

In case you’re wondering, my premium this year is about $3,500.

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avatar Murray

$3500/yr? As a young male, I can empathize with your high insurance premiums (and I hear that NJ has particularly bad rates), but that’s crazy! Was evil bender driving the car when those points were accrued?

avatar Luke Landes

I was the driver at the time. I used to have a sportier (but older) car and dive a total of about 150 miles a day… and I sped, so chances are I’d get stopped. And I did get stopped once in a while, and each time it would result in a ticket. This was many years ago, when I was financially poor and lazy and couldn’t afford to pay the tickets so I would ignore them thinking they’d go away. Of course they didn’t, and I got myself into trouble.

avatar rich

If your in the state pool it makes sense that your premium is that high. I too will be off in April when I’m hoping my insurance will decrease by 50%