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Balance Sheet, August 2005

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Once again, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the monthy progress report. The good news is my balances went up this month. The bad news is that it wasn’t by much. If I get around to posting my income sheet for the month, we’ll be able to see where the problems lie.

I keep adding accounts and sub-accounts, so I decided last month to simplify the report and look at my balances at a higher level. Continue reading to see my account balances and read any notes.

The “other” account in the Cash and Bank category refers to my balance being held by my school for tuition and fees. It offsets the increase in my student loan following my disbursement this month and my personal receivables. Since I get reimbursed 90% for my classes, I pay the remaining 10% at the beginning of each six-week class.

My investments lost value while I continued investing, accounting for the small increase in net worth.

The credit card balance is somewhat from my vacation earlier this month and it will all be paid off before it is carried over to the next statement.

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avatar Jonathan

Looks like you’re doing well, good idea comparing the beginning of the year.

I just check my KBB value for my car and it went up? I remember you said that happened for your Civic. I think I might have just remembered to tick off all the options this time though.

avatar monocrat

How do you account for your student loan? Money 2004 doesn’t seem well equipped to handle the nuances of federal loans.

Although I only have one lender, because I have subsidized as well as unsubsidized loans, treating the interest rate is difficult. Do you simply take a weighted average of the effective interest rate? Or are later versions of Money and Quicken more adroit at this problem?

avatar Luke Landes


The value for my car listed at edmunds.com went up one month. It seems to have corrected itself at this point. At the end of the year, I might take a look at the value and adjust each month’s depreciation to make it more consistent.


I combine the subsidized and unsubsidized portions just as the lender does. Neither Quicken 2005 nor MS Money when I used that software calculated the interest correctly, but I change the interest amount manually each time I enter a payment. I don’t see it as too much of a hassle.

avatar Ostrauder

I’ve been reading the progress reports people post on their blogs. While some of them are humbling, it is inspiring over all. Are those screenshots from Quicken? With my new found personal finance interest, I’ll be buying a software program. or download one… Anyway thanks for sharing


avatar Luke Landes

The way I generated the screenshots is by exporting Quicken report data into an Excel spreadsheet which is already formatted.