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Bartering in a Bad Economy

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Joan Ferreria of the Bronx, 19 and unemployed, has traded his Web design skills for a computer keyboard, as well as piano, photography and driving lessons. For giving Spanish lessons, he has banked two 30-day unlimited ride MetroCards. [New York Times article, username: flexoweb, password: flexo]

In a bad economy, some people turn to bartering for goods and services instead of paying cash. If you have a skill or items that someone else might find valuable, you can hook up with other people on sites like Barter Advantage (fee-based) or Craigslist (free).

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avatar Saul Barterman

We must create a new system (economy) of bartering to take back control from the globalists who only have their own interests in mind.
I don’t want a microchip implanted anywhere in my body!