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Be Aware of ATM Card Skimming

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In New York City, police have arrested two men accused of using card skimmers to steal account numbers and PINs from a Bank of America branch, taking $2,500 from ATMs.

Many people wouldn’t spot a card skimmer attached to an ATM, so these photos can help people be more aware of what to look for.

These pictures show a larger variety of skimmer and camera hidden inside a document holder, but according to the State of New York Banking Department, another type of skimmer is a plastic overlay that fits over they keypad in order to capture keystrokes.

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avatar Neville Medhora

This happened at my very own University of Texas a longass time ago.

See? Our Texas theives are WAY more advanced than the NYC thieves. Geez…get with the times!


avatar Cap

Yikes! I’ve read about these, but never seen the pics. They do blend in well.

- Cap@StopBuyingCrap.com

avatar jim

You shouldn’t be using random ass ATM’s anyway, they’re ripping you off even if they don’t have that hidden camera skimming your account number and PIN. :)