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Being Last is Best

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According to a CNN story and a AAA report, New Jersey is the last state whose average price for a gallon of gasoline has surpassed $2.00. Still, New Jersey remains at the bottom of the list thanks to local refineries, ports and low taxes.

Luckilly, there are two low cost gas stations on my route home from work. As of last night, one in Newark was $1.92. That location happens to be a new Delta gasoline station that was recently rebuilt after a pump exploded several months ago, closing down the adjacent highway.

The other station along my route is a Gasway station in the next town over from my apartment. It is usually below average, but last night it was very close. Gasoline at that pump cost $2.01. It’s been difficult getting accustomed to paying more than $20.00 for a full 350-to-400-mile tank of gasoline.

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avatar ib

san francisco, end of the street, $3.60 for REGULAR.

avatar Paul Havemann

It’s only fair that NJ has cheaper gas; as CNN notes, we’re home to a lot of refineries and storage facilities. That’s gotta be worth something. BTW, Delta tends to run on the cheaper side in north NJ…