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Blu-Ray to Go the Way of Betamax?

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4 studios back new DVD format

It seems like the movie studios are putting their weight behind Toshiba’s HD DVD format, a specification vastly inferior to the tech-preferred Sony Blu-Ray.

Simply, the storage capacity of a dual-layer Blu-Ray disc is 50GB while the maximum a HD DVD disc can hold is only 30GB. Since the writable discs will only be single layer, the Blu-Ray and HD DVD discs will whole 25GB and 15GB respectively. Any other differences between the discs are negligible.

More storage capacity means more special features, longer video, or most unlikely, better quality video compression. (Consumers tend to choose longer play over picture quality, which explains the popularity of VHS’s EP mode for recording.)

Betamax died off quickly mainly because movie studios, when forced, supported the VHS format because it was technologically inferior. The public didn’t seem to mind. The VHS devices were cheaper, and with a format that ensured lower-quality copies, the movie studios felt their product was safer in the hands of the public.

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