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Business Blogging Awards and South by Southwest

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It looks like they have reset all votes over at the 2005 Business Blogging Awards. If you enjoy reading about my financial wees and woes, feel free to vote for Consumerism Commentary for Best Personal Finance Blog. Don’t worry—I have no expectations, but I was nominated by a few people so I figured I might as well mention it. If you already voted, you might want to see if you did before the moved over to the new system and cast your vote again if you haven’t used the new interface.

I was considering traveling to Austin, Texas in March for the South by Southwest Festival, but I think, after considering my financial situation, I’m going to pass this year. Perhaps a future employer will pay to send me to the event one day.

The thing about there being many personal finance related blogs is that we are all linking to the same news stories. This is the result of there being a narrow variety of personal finance related news and sources. That’s part of the reason I like to focus on my financial results, goals and obstacles.

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avatar Neese

Nope, now he’s in first.

avatar Darren R. Sussman

Check you out, being tied for second! (At least, as of the time I wrote this. :) )