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Cable Channels a la Carte

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The FCC now believes that consumers can save money by picking and choosing which cable channels they’d like to receive, with each channel priced separately. Would this new pricing plan change your viewing habits?

I’m paying $14 per month for the most basic cable television service at the moment. I’d like to add a few channels, such as Comedy Central (I miss watching The Daily Show), and I would do so if the price is right. I’d pay another $5 per month for that channel, but I have a feeling that any plan developed by Comcast will not be as simple as that.

I’m sure the cable companies would love to get into a “one-year agreement” level of service, where a termination fee is inflicted on anyone who cancels service, and the introduction of a new pricing structure is a good time to introduce new fees, from the company’s point of view.

If you prefer satellite to cable, you can do what this man has done: erect 12 satellite dishes to receive 5,000 radio and television stations, including free programming as well as Direct TV and Dish Network subscriptions.

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avatar Neo

I am currently in the process of getting new television service. I am looking to just get local only channels. I have tried the free route of using bunny-ear type antennas but that doesn’t work very well in my area. So my alternative is to subscribe to either Comcast @ $15/month or DirecTV @ $12/month.

Isn’t there a cheaper option?