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Caption Contest: Ben Bernanke

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Give this photograph a caption in the comments below. What is Ben Bernanke saying?

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avatar Enhanced

Ben Bernanke is explaining “Bernankruptcy” – a new term I have created to explain how his Fed comments and actions affect us stock traders and investors.

For those who do not know what Bernankrtupcy is;

Bernankruptcy: New trading term and definition.

Bernankruptcy \Ber�nank�rupt*cy\, n.

1. The state of being actually or legally bankrupt due to Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke’s Fed interest rate hikes.

2. The act or process of becoming a bankrupt, due to continuous Fed interest rate increases.

For more reading of Bernankruptcy and its effects, check out my TradingWinner.com blog article:

Please Ben, stop! Pretty please!?

Best Regards,

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avatar FMF

“I swear, the one that got away was at least this big.”

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avatar brett

“We had an economy THIS big, but we rose rates so much that it just went away”

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avatar Kira

“Let me lay my hands upon your head, and by the power of Jesus I will cure your adjustable-rate mortgage!”

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avatar Paul

“The U.S. Dollar is overvalued by this much — Imagine that my left hand is the sun, and my right hand is Pluto.”

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avatar frank

I swear to you all, the current account deficit is only gonna be this big

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avatar jim

So last night I got drunk and the girl was …

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avatar Yo--Yo Mama

Let’s give it up now for my boys DJ Dubya and the T-Crew!

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avatar Tito

“How much longer am I going to raise rates? This long.”

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avatar mbhunter

“I’m the first chairman to really have a clue how to run the Fe … Oh, hi Al!”

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avatar Jeff

“I once saw a basis point increase THIS big… you should have seen it!”

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