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Gas Service Stations and Gouging

by Luke Landes

The federal government announced the other day that they will investigate price gouging by gas stations. The announcement itself may have helped to ease prices a little, but most of the time, the investigators report that price movement is merely due to the forces of supply and demand. I heard on the radio this morning ... Continue reading this article…

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What Are You Afraid Of?

by Luke Landes

CNN Money has an extensive feature on how general consensus is wrong again. The articles look at the biggest money fears, how they may be unreasonable, and what should worry the public instead. Here are the first three from the series. The remaining three appear in a follow-up post here at Consuermsim Commentary. While Americans ... Continue reading this article…

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Eminent Domain Rules Officially Changed

by Luke Landes

Let’s say you own a home, like many people in this country do. Let’s go further and say that you own the property completely. Maybe you had a mortgage, but it’s completely paid off. The property is yours. Well… as Jon Stewart is fond of saying, not so much. If your state government decides that ... Continue reading this article…

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Individual Social Security Accounts

by Luke Landes

I still need to do more research before I decide whether I like the idea of privatizing social security. For future reference, here’s some information on the current proposal.

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