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Is The MBA Worthwhile?

by Luke Landes

Loyal readers may recall that I’ve been working on my MBA (master of business administration) degree through the University of Phoenix Online. Other MBA students from more traditional graduate schools are often surprised when I describe the amount of work required for the degree. I have a little less than a year left if I ... Continue reading this article…

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Taking a Hit to My Net Worth

by Luke Landes

Since I resumed taking classes for my MBA, I now have a new student loan. The way this works is I take a loan at the beginning of the “semester” and after each six-week class ends, I wait two weeks for a 90 percent reimbursement from my company. On my next monthly update, you’ll see my ... Continue reading this article…

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What My Future May Hold

by Luke Landes

A few weeks ago, I took the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). My “career” hasn’t had much direction lately, so I’m considering changing course. Since I probably won’t have a decent enough test score to get into the top schools, I figure it’s best to save money and go for one less expensive and in-state, ... Continue reading this article…

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Good News and Bad News

by Luke Landes

Let’s start with the bad news. The bad news is public college costs jumped 9.8 percent and private college costs went up 5.7 percent. The good news is that colleges are giving out more money to students. The bad news is that this money is in the form of loans, not grants. The good news is colleges ... Continue reading this article…

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Which Degrees Are Worth It

by Luke Landes

MSN Money – Is your degree worth $1 million — or worthless? – Saving for college Find out which degrees and fields pay off, based on average amount spent obtaining the degree and average increase of lifetime salary. You’ll probably be happiest, though, if you don’t dig yourself deeply in debt for a field that ... Continue reading this article…

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Is The Financial Degree Woth It?

by Luke Landes

Do graduates of economics and similar courses have an edge over the layman? When it comes to investing, the results aren’t clear whether one is more successful with or without a financial-related degree. That’s probably true in most facets of life. However, the degree can help the initial success come a lot sooner. The author ... Continue reading this article…

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