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If The Gecko Did The Robot

by Luke Landes

Yo. I think your website would be da bomb if you had the gecko do the Robot. Last month, the nine points on my New Jersey Driver’s License fell into obsolescence. It has now been three years since the points were “awarded” to me for various stupid indiscretions. This is good news for my wallet. ... Continue reading this article…

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Car Insurance Depression

by Luke Landes

Last night, I wrote another check for my car insurance premium. So far this year, I’ve paid about $1,650 for car insurance to New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company. Over the last several years, I haven’t been able to choose my insurer because with many points on my license, I’m considered “high risk.” The good news ... Continue reading this article…

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Due This Month

by Luke Landes

Although my auto insurance will cost about $3,600 for the year, I can pay the total amount in six installments. Unfortunately, the first installment is higher due to the inclusion of a “deposit.” I need to send in $1,147 for my auto insurance this month. The good news is that I should be able to ... Continue reading this article…

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Auto Insurance Weirdness

by Luke Landes

Here’s something odd. After getting my car last March, I had to pay my entire premium in installments, finally due in December. This year, I have to pay me entire premium due in March. According to their paperwork, this means that in the course of one year, I have to pay two years’ worth of ... Continue reading this article…

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Auto Insurance – Yikes!

by Luke Landes

When I had my 1997 Honda Civic, and with an excess of points from my “wild and crazy” days that I’m waiting to drop off my record, my auto insurance premium was already high. I don’t have the policy in front of me, but it was around $3,400 per year. In June, I purchased a ... Continue reading this article…

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