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Professional Blogger

by Luke Landes

Jason Kottke is leaving his full-time job to devote himself completely to his blog. He won’t be making money through advertising, he’ll be relying on the goodwill of visitors to pitch in. His basic donation is $30 and I’m sure he won’t have a problem finding 1,000 people to donate that much money. Is it ... Continue reading this article…

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Lose Your Job Over Blogging

by Luke Landes

There’s been a story in the news lately about an individual who worked for Google and was fired for having a blog. I think what a lot of people seem to misunderstand is that it’s not the fact that he had a blog that got him fired, it was the fact that conducted himself inappropriately ... Continue reading this article…

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Gmail Invitations

by Luke Landes

I have eight invitations for Gmail to give away. Gmail is the free email service offered by Google that sorts your conversations, searches through a large amount of email quickly, serves you unobtrusive related ads, and supplies POP service so you can also access the email through your favorite program such as Thunderbird. Leave a ... Continue reading this article…

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Finance Blogs

by Luke Landes

When I first started this weblog in July, 2003, I had been blogging for years already at a different location. At the time I started Consumerism Commentary, I knew of only one other personal finance blog on the internet, PFBlog. Now, just like all other types, more blogs centered around personal finance have sprung up. ... Continue reading this article…

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Bartering in a Bad Economy

by Luke Landes

Joan Ferreria of the Bronx, 19 and unemployed, has traded his Web design skills for a computer keyboard, as well as piano, photography and driving lessons. For giving Spanish lessons, he has banked two 30-day unlimited ride MetroCards. [New York Times article, username: flexoweb, password: flexo] In a bad economy, some people turn to bartering ... Continue reading this article…

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