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Monthly Update

Personal Balance Sheet, February 2011 ($620,556, +6.3%)

by Luke Landes

My life without salary is continuing to move myself forward financially. Even considering overall income, I earned more in January than I’ve earned in any month prior to that point. February, though I’m waiting for some final details, was a very good month in terms of income, but still about average when compared to the […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, January 2011 ($578,043, +7.0%)

by Luke Landes

January 2011, the first full month of life without a salary, was my first opportunity to take a look at what I can do while working for only myself. The last two weeks of December were officially post-employment, but with the holidays, my routine wasn’t normal until after the new year. I’ve discovered a few […]

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Year-End Personal Balance Sheet, December 2010

by Luke Landes

I’ve been tracking my personal finances for about ten years now, and I’ve been making the information public but anonymous on Consumerism Commentary since 2003. This, in addition to learning about money, was my primary purpose for creating this website and it still is a major part of what I do. I don’t pay as […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, November 2010 ($494,715, +6.1%)

by Luke Landes

If you’ve been following Consumerism Commentary for some time, you may know that I post my balance sheet at the beginning of each month. I take this time to review my finances and determine whether I’m moving forward. In addition to my balance sheet, I review my expenses and income. I’ve been posting these monthly […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, October 2010 ($463,930, +8.0%)

by Luke Landes

In July 2004, my car was my biggest asset, although my loan left me with no equity. That same car, as it lost value over time and as my finances generally improved, is now the least significant line on my balance sheet. One would think that the progression of net worth from $20,000 at that […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, September 2010 ($427,529, +11.5%)

by Luke Landes

September was a typical month. I didn’t have many out-of-the-ordinary expenses. I bought some new camera equipment, with the biggest expense being a used lens for my Mamiya RZ67. I did a good job negotiating the price, too. I was able to get Adorama in New York to beat’s price for the same lens […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, July 2010 ($365,647, +8.0%)

by Luke Landes

My girlfriend and I are spending this week on vacation in Myrtle Beach. It’s my first visit to this area, and we are enjoying it. I’ve never been a big fan of the beach, but that may be only because most of my experience involves the Jersey shore. I’m learning to appreciate the “do-less” vacation, […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, June 2010 ($340,741, -1.1%)

by Luke Landes

July will mark the seventh anniversary of Consumerism Commentary. These seven years I’ve been tracking my finances online to keep myself accountable for my financial decisions. In 2003, there was no such thing as a “personal finance blog community;” this arose out of the desire of a few of us to track our finances in […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, May 2010 ($344,474, -2.7%)

by Luke Landes

After the end of each month, I take a closer look at my personal finances. Although I’ve moved away from tracking every cent I spend, I still look at most of my purchases and expenses to ensure I’m not doing anything I consider financially unreasonable. While my spending wasn’t excessive this month, my reports do […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, April 2010 ($356,832, +4.5%)

by Luke Landes

About a decade ago, I realized that I needed to track my spending down to the dollar, if not to the penny, to get a grip on my financial condition. It was the start of a long journey for me, one which saw me get out of credit card debt, start earning money, and getting […]

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