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Financial Tips for College Graduates

by Luke Landes

College graduation like when you beat Ganon, the resilient bad guy at the end of the classic video game, The Legend of Zelda, for the first time. You’ve been through many levels of challenges, perhaps even used a few “cheats” along the way, and did anything necessary to grow your knowledge and skills, many of […]

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How to Financially Succeed as a Couple

by Elle

This is a guest article by Elle, the author of the blog Couple Money. Handling personal finances can be an intriguing, challenging, and rewarding process. Being married and handling finances can double those effects. My husband and I have learned through the years that working together can be powerfully effective and motivating. While every couple […]

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The Zombies Are Here and They’re Hungry… For Your Personal Finances

by Jeremy Simon

This is a guest article by Jeremy M. Simon, a reporter and columnist for He is a blogger at Taking Charge. They’re lumbering toward you, their eyes dead and arms outstretched. And they’re hungry. No, personal finance readers, I’m not talking about debt collectors: I’m talking about zombies, which over the past several years […]

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Elmo Teaches Kids About Saving Money

by Luke Landes

I have many things in common with my friends in the same age range as myself. Among these shared experiences that define a generation, for the most part, we all watched Sesame Street as children. When we reminisce, we remember Mr. Hooper. We remember when Big Bird was the only character to be able to […]

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Call For Guest Articles, the Personal in Personal Finance, and the Lottery

by Luke Landes

Later this month, I will be traveling to southern California to visit my family. I usually travel to the west coast for vacation twice a year, once in the spring and once around Thanksgiving. During this time, I’ll still be working, but I often use this as an opportunity to feature a select number of […]

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Lending Money to Friends and Family

by Luke Landes

I try to keep the issue of money out of my personal relationships. Many people I know outside of those I know only online — my friends and family — read Consumerism Commentary. For the most part, they’re not interested because, I assume, they’d rather keep the issue of money out of our friendships — […]

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3 Aspects of Your Finances You Can Control

by Luke Landes

Some things are beyond our control, and having a happy and fulfilling life requires accepting those things we cannot change. It’s possible, however, to control more than we believe we can. Right before I first started on my journey of getting my life and finances in shape, I left a low-paying job that depleted my […]

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Start the Decade Off Right

by Luke Landes

It’s a new decade. These are the tens, and this could well be the best decade of my life. How about you? Whether you’re reading this in 2010, 2020, or some other year, it’s time to make some conscious changes to your finances to move your life forward. Time won’t stop to wait for you, […]

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What Is Financial Independence?

by Luke Landes

When asked about what it means to be financially independent, most people think about retirement and the amount of money needed in the bank and investments in order to be worry-free for the remainder of their lives. For many, this is why we work, why we suffer through a job we may not enjoy. The […]

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Mint Data: More Than You Care to Know About Other People’s Spending Habits

by Luke Landes

The trend of financial over-sharing continues, and I’m glad to have been on the leading edge. I’ve been sharing the details of my finances, including spending habits, since I created Consumerism Commentary in 2003. The idea of social net worth continued with sites like NetWorthIQ, which allowed the public to post family net worth and […]

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