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Flexo’s 2007 Goals: Status at the Halfway Point

by Luke Landes

Back in December, I set some goals for myself for the upcoming year. Now that 2007 is halfway complete, it’s a good chance for me to take a look and see how I am doing in these particular pursuits. Income goal: Earn $40,000 in revenue outside of my day job. Stretch goal: $60,000. According to ... Continue reading this article…

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Planning and Goal Setting Week: Flexo’s 2007 Goals

by Luke Landes

I promised I would determine and publish my goals for the upcoming year by the end of the week. Giving myself a deadline motivated me to think about it. Here are my regular and stretch goals for 2007. They are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based). I’ve tried not to include variables over which ... Continue reading this article…

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Planning and Goal Setting Week: The Basics

by Luke Landes

Before I can define my financial goals for 2007, it’s nice to review the basics. What are goals? I think Etta Mae Westbrook, a “family economics” professor, explains it well [pdf]: * Goals state what you want to do or achieve. Goals will give your life direction. Financial goals will help you to determine where ... Continue reading this article…

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Not-So-Good Realization

by Luke Landes

Remember when I was happy to realize I would be receiving three paychecks in December? I miscalculated. However, I will be receiving three paychecks this month, with the third one coming in next Friday. It’s a good thing, too, since I’ve been feeling financially strained lately. It would have been nice to have that “surprise” ... Continue reading this article…

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Good Realization

by Luke Landes

I looked at the calendar this weekend and realized that I have three paychecks coming to me in both October and December. That will definitely help ease my money issues since I budget for two paychecks monthly.

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