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Quicken 2010 Review and Giveaway

by Luke Landes

Are you looking for the latest version of Quicken? Here is my review of the newest version, Quicken 2012. Downloads of Quicken 2012 are available today. Note: This is a long article containing an in-depth review of the new version of Quicken. If you are just interested in the giveaway of Quicken 2010 Deluxe, scroll ... Continue reading this article…

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Visa Signature Concierge: Useless for Immediate Travel

by Luke Landes

As I’ve mentioned recently, my maternal grandmother passed away a few days ago, my second of two grandmothers to pass away in the past few weeks. A few years ago, she moved out to California to be cared for by my mother and brother who had also moved out to the west coast several years ... Continue reading this article…

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MyIDScore.com: What’s an ID Score?

by Jeff

If you’re a frequent reader of this (or any other personal finance blog) you’re familiar with credit scores and credit reports, and the advice to check them often. These resources detail your financial history and provide a measure of your supposed financial risk. They’re also useful tools to determine the safety of your identity. However, ... Continue reading this article…

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EverBank Money Market Account Review

by Luke Landes

A little while ago, I noted the interest rates offered by EverBank and decided to open the Yield Pledge Money Market Account to take advantage of the generous “bonus” interest offered in the first three months of holding an account. The account opening process, beginning on July 8th and two weeks later on July 23rd, ... Continue reading this article…

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Comparing the Visa Black Card with American Express Platinum and Centurion Cards

by Luke Landes

American Express created a frenzy among the wealthy when it decided to take advantage of rumors of an exclusive black-colored charge card, used by movie stars and music celebrities for purchasing jets and other items beyond the financial reach of us mere mortals. In 1999, American Express introduced the Centurion Card, a black charge card ... Continue reading this article…

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Ally Bank Savings Account Review

by Luke Landes

A few years ago, General Motors was having trouble remaining in business, and its subsidiary that provided customers financing for automotive purchases, GMAC, converted to a bank holding company to take advantage of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), receiving $5 billion from taxpayers through the government. By this time, GMAC Bank, a division of ... Continue reading this article…

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Books and eBooks by Personal Finance Bloggers

by Luke Landes

A number of bloggers who write about personal finance have branched into the world of print. Here are some of the latest offerings. Ramit from I Will Teach You To Be Rich has published a book by the same name. I reviewed the book back in March. Trent from The Simple Dollar has written a ... Continue reading this article…

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Review: Navigating the Financial Blogosphere by Russell Bailyn

by Luke Landes

A little over a year ago, Russell Bailyn, an investment adviser who crossed the barrier into the blogosphere with his Financial Planning Weblog, contacted me to let me know he was beginning work on a book. As Russell and I were both music education majors in our respective undergraduate universities, I was eager to support ... Continue reading this article…

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Sumo Lounge: Not Your Average Beanbag Chair

by Luke Landes

The other day, I arrived home to see two boxes, one large, one smaller, waiting for me on my doorstep. A quick inspection verified that the shipment came from Sumo Lounge, who were sending Consumerism Commentary some product samples for review. Sumo Lounge sells hip, urban furniture in the form of huge nylon sacks filled ... Continue reading this article…

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Account Watchers and Account Ignorers Anonymous, Meet Mint

by Sasha

A review of Mint.com follows. Seven years ago, you would have found me blissfully unaware of my spending practices and their impact, flourishing my credit card without a second thought as I ran up my tab at restaurants and shops. I defined living life fully as having the things and experiences I desired, and I ... Continue reading this article…

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Review: Complete Real-Estate Investing Guidebook by David Crook

by Luke Landes

Wall Street Journal Complete Real-Estate Investing Guidebook David Crook (9/10) Occasionally, publicity agents, publishers, or sometimes even authors, send me books with the request that I read and review what they send. That was not the case with this book. A few months ago, I wrote about the cost of owning a home over 30 ... Continue reading this article…

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Experience Review: Two Men and a Truck (North Arlington, NJ)

by Luke Landes

When I decided that I didn’t want to break my back moving my heavier furniture down one flight and up at least one more, I also decided that I wanted someone else to do that for me. I could have done more research when choosing a moving company, as I was hoping for a recommendation ... Continue reading this article…

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Review: Cash, Cars & College by Janine Bolon

by Luke Landes

Cash, Cars & College: A Young Person’s Guide to Money Janine Bolon (6/10) When it comes to book reviews, I am usually contacted by the publishers, press agents, or public relations teams. When an author takes the time to email me directly, I pay more attention. I was contacted a few weeks ago by Janine ... Continue reading this article…

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Review: Excuse Me, Your Job is Waiting by Laura George

by Luke Landes

Excuse Me, Your Job Is Waiting: Attract the Work You Want Laura George (7/10) A few days ago, I finished reading Excuse Me, Your Job Is Waiting, by Laura George. This book follows in the footsteps of another, Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting. The premise of both books is the “law of attraction,” which ... Continue reading this article…

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Review: You Call the Shots by Cameron Johnson

by Luke Landes

Cameron Johnson features testimonials from T. Harv Eker and Donald Trump on the dust jacket for his new book, You Call the Shots. The book also includes a foreword by David Bach. However, this book outshines in many ways what I am used to seeing (over and over) from the typical financial gurus like Trump ... Continue reading this article…

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Review: The Maui Millionaires by David Finkel and Diane Kennedy

by Luke Landes

The introduction of The Maui Millionaires by David Finkel and Diane Kennedy, CPA read like a sales pitch. This turned me off immediately. I felt like I was sitting in one of those free seminars with one of those energetic, motivational speakers, whose goal was nothing more than to sell me some abstract concepts and ... Continue reading this article…

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Review: The Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read by Daniel R. Solin

by Luke Landes

I recently finished reading The Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read: The Simple, Stress-Free Way to Reach Your Investment Goals [Amazon affiliate] by Daniel R. Solin. It’s a relatively short book with one simple point: For most people, investing in index funds is smarter than investing in actively managed mutual funds. The chapters are short ... Continue reading this article…

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Review and Giveaway: The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing: Asset Allocation

by Luke Landes

This is a look at the eighth chapter of The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing, by Taylor Larimore, Mel Lindauer, and Michael LeBoeuf. This chapter focuses on asset allocation, the “most important portfolio decision.” The authors start by reviewing empirical research from the 20th century, including the studies that resulted in the development of Efficient Market ... Continue reading this article…

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Group Review: The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing

by Luke Landes

This month, I’ll be participating in JLP’s mass review of the book, The Boglehead’s Guide to Investing, by Larimore, Lindauer, and LeBoef. One blogger will review one chapter of the book throughout October. Look for my review of the Asset Allocation chapter next Wednesday. Here’s the entire schedule:

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Favorite Purchase, June 2006: Braun Electric Toothbrush

by Luke Landes

Every once in a while, I may share my thoughts on a particular purchase I made that I feel is worthwhile. In this case, I’m writing about the BRAUN Oral-B Braun 980TX Bright Advance Power Electric Toothbrush. I purchased it for $30 from Macy’s and Amazon.com has it for the same price. It was sort ... Continue reading this article…

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