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How to Feel a Little Richer

by Luke Landes

How rich are you compared to the richest people in the world? Find out here where you fall on the scale. Here’s a little diagram found deep within the website to give you an idea of how this is calculated.

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The Average Family

by Luke Landes Is Your Cash Flow Normal? The average family (statistically speaking, that is) in the United States earned $38,106 in 2001 after taxes were paid. The same average family spent $39,518, so if this trend continues, people will just grow deeper into debt. The article breaks down that spending into several categories. See how you ... Continue reading this article…

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The Cost of the Good Life

by Luke Landes

Inflation of expectations – Sep. 12, 2003 This article looks at consumption trends in home electronics, real estate, travel, cars and events, using the early 1960s as a reference for the current day. The author mentions an anti-consumerism movement and refers to the book, Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic by John De Graaf and the accompanying ... Continue reading this article…

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