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GnuCash: Free Software for Balancing Your Checkbook (and More)

by Luke Landes

Nicholas emailed me with this question. I’m trying to find some kind of free accounting software for balancing my checkbook, and that sort of thing. I already use, but it isn’t much good if I plan on writing a check, or if I want to create a recurring transaction. I don’t need something to […]

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Question From Reader: When Do You Record an Expense?

by Luke Landes

“Stat Crazy” wrote in to ask a few questions about recording personal finances in Quicken. His first question is about recording expenses. If you purchase something during the month one June 15 with a VISA card, then submit an online payment on June 28, and the card says it is paid off on June 30 […]

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Just Like Apple’s MobileMe, But Free

by Smithee

For the purposes of this article, the term “iPhone” includes “iPod Touch”, and I’m assuming that your operating systems are up to date. Along with new firmware for existing iPhone owners, and the new iPhone 3G itself, Apple is releasing this week a new service called “MobileMe”, succinctly described as “Exchange for the rest of […]

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Quicken 2009 Beta Open to Volunteers for Testing

by Luke Landes

August 25 update: Quicken 2009 is now available for purchase. Consumerism Commentary readers get good discounts here. I’m a heavy user of Quicken, so I’m considering signing up for the “beta test program” of the new version that will be released later this summer. If you’re approved for the beta test program, you will receive […]

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Financial Management Software: What are Your Needs and Wishes?

by Luke Landes

As I mentioned briefly, I was in San Francisco for a few days to meet with software developers and strategists from NetworthIQ, ExpensR, and MyStrands. The companies are working together to develop web-based personal finance management software, with the intention of meeting customers’ needs that are not met by Mint, Geezeo, Quicken Online, and others. […]

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3 Quicken Alternatives Now that Quicken Online is Dead

by Luke Landes

Quicken online is gone. But there are plenty of great options. Here are the 3 best Quicken alternatives (and #1 is totally free). Not all that long ago, Quicken was the leading giant in the personal financial planning market. It did everything you could want in a software. Then, Quicken one-upped itself by launching Quicken […]

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Responses to Your Thoughts and Questions About Quicken

by Luke Landes

On Wednesday, I announced the release of Quicken 2008 by hosting a giveaway. As of yesterday evening, more than 60 people have entered the “contest” for a chance to win one of five downloadable copies of Quicken Premier 2008. Some wrote in with interesting comments, so I’d like to address a few. Rue asked, “The […]

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Intuit Quicken 2008 is Here! And Here’s a Giveaway!

by Luke Landes

I’ve been beta-testing Quicken Home and Business 2008 for the past few months. Despite common sense, I’ve been using this development version for managing my real, active financial data. I have found the 2008 version to be an improvement over last year’s. I particularly like being able to download PayPal transactions for easy reconciliation, at […]

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Reader Question: Ignoring Reconciliation in Quicken

by Luke Landes

Here’s a question about reconciliation and running reports in Quicken from a reader: I have quicken and would like to use it to run reports (net worth, where I’m spending, etc.). But it seems to be forcing me to do “reconciliation” which from what little I understand is to make sure there aren’t mistakes that […]

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Wachovia Charging Monthly $5.95 for Microsoft Money and Quicken

by Luke Landes

Wachovia Bank April statements are now arriving in customers’ mailboxes. Some customers are in for a surprise. The bank is now charging a $5.95 service fee for many account holders who use Microsoft Money or Intuit Quicken’s “direct connect” feature to download transactions directly into the software (without visiting the website). The fee is listed […]

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