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The Entrepreneurial Trend: Personality Traits

by Luke Landes
Meeting Room

I’m an accidental entrepreneur. I never quite fit in with big hierarchical systems, like public education (as a teacher) and corporations. Getting things done, particularly accomplishing various things the way I wanted to accomplish them, has always been a struggle for me in these structures. I knew from the day I started working at a ... Continue reading this article…

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New Capital Fund Pays Entrepreneurs’ Student Loans

by Luke Landes

A new venture capital firm is looking for a few — one hundred in the first five years — entrepreneurs from the recent crop of former students and people their age. Gen Y Capital Partners is looking for investment opportunities — “For Gen Y, by Gen Y” — to help start-up businesses grow. Any entrepreneur ... Continue reading this article…

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Boost Your Human Capital: Publish Your Thoughts

by Luke Landes
Blogging and writing in a journal

Focusing solely on your net worth is an approach too narrow if you want to become financially independent over time. To increase your chances of being secure, think about your personal human capital, a set of skills and experiences that will improve your finances in the future. Establish yourself as an authority in your field ... Continue reading this article…

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5 Reasons You’re Unhappy With Your Career Progress

by Luke Landes

There have been times in my life, while working for other people or companies, that I’ve thought to myself, I should have more job responsibility than this, or, I should be getting paid more than I am. A disagreement with the boss over my skills, potential, and value to the organization created tension. For some ... Continue reading this article…

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Boost Your Human Capital: Cultivate Your Network

by Luke Landes

While saving money, reducing expenses, and earning income all help improve your net worth, these tactics often ignore the larger picture. Improving your personal human capital is like a form of insurance; you’re protecting your ability to increase your net worth over a long period of time. Boosting your human capital through gaining education, adding ... Continue reading this article…

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Boost Your Human Capital: Public Speaking

by Luke Landes

Your personal human capital is an essential part of evaluating your overall worth. Human capital has a number of definitions, but in this case, it refers to a measurement of who you are, particularly in relation to how you might be seen as valuable to an employer or a client. This isn’t the only way ... Continue reading this article…

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Boost Your Human Capital: Get Involved and Volunteer

by Luke Landes
Habitat for Humanity

Consider your personal human capital as an addendum to your net worth when evaluating your overall worth. While your net worth is a good financial measurement, your human capital is a good predictor of how you’ll handle opportunities to grow in the future. In an unsteady economy, those with better developed human capital have an ... Continue reading this article…

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Boost Your Human Capital: Explore Beyond Your Industry

by Luke Landes
The box outside of which you should think

If there’s anything to take away from an extended period of unemployment, it’s that human capital can mean the difference between receiving a good job offer and remaining unemployed. There are many facets of human capital, and as your human capital increases, so does your marketability. There are many ways you can gain an edge, ... Continue reading this article…

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Boost Your Human Capital: Become an Expert

by Luke Landes

Education and experience are necessities for increasing your human capital, with human capital as an approach to looking at your potential overall worth, a grand analysis of which your financial net worth is only a part. With education and experience, you have the ability to become a versatile subject matter expert. As a recognized expert, ... Continue reading this article…

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Boost Your Human Capital: Get More Experience

by Luke Landes

Increasing your human capital is an excellent way to put yourself in a position where you’re better prepared for life’s surprises, particularly when it comes to money. I’ve written about human capital in the past, but I’m taking a deeper look into ten ways you can boost this important aspect of self-worth — beyond the ... Continue reading this article…

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Incomes Decreased More After Recession Than During Recession

by Luke Landes

A new analysis of household income reveals some statistics that might be counter-intuitive. The study, authored by former Census Bureau economists Gordon W. Green Jr. and John F. Coder and published by Sentier Research, shows that median income for Americans has decreased more sharply during the economic recovery than during the recession. The survey that ... Continue reading this article…

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Offering Your Services for Free

by Luke Landes

For anyone interested in starting a business, particularly in creative arts, is building up a reputation in the field. I mentioned that my goals for this year include doing two photography shoots each month. Over the past few years, my interest in photography has grown from a hobby to a serious interest to a potential ... Continue reading this article…

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How to Handle Meeting Hundreds of Colleagues

by Luke Landes

My experience with the first Financial Blogger Conference This past weekend has been a whirlwind. On Friday, for the first time I took advantage of using accrued frequent flyer miles to upgrade to first class on Continental. I will write more on that experience later. For now, I want to concentrate on what happened after ... Continue reading this article…

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My Two Best Financial Decisions: Leaving My Jobs

by Luke Landes

There have been two major financial crossroads in my life until this point. Although it took a while to get to each one, by the time the dust settled, I knew I had made the right choice. In both instances, the decisions surround leaving my job, whether by my pure choice without external pressure or ... Continue reading this article…

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Is Following Your Passion a Luxury?

by Luke Landes

The concept of turning your passion into a vocation, making a living doing something you love, easily generates two opposing viewpoints. I wouldn’t say I’ve had a privileged upbringing, but it depends on the perspective. I had the freedom to explore a variety to activities to help nurture my mind, soul and body. As a ... Continue reading this article…

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Bank of America Will Pay Whistleblower $930,000

by Luke Landes

Bank of America can’t catch a break. A whistleblower, Eileen Foster, brought fraud at Countrywide Financial Corp. to the attention of Countrywide’s Employee Relations Department shortly after Bank of America acquired the company. Bank of America then allegedly fired the whistleblower in retaliation, although the bank claims the termination was due to the employee’s management ... Continue reading this article…

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Start a Salary Negotiation With a Ridiculous Request

by Luke Landes

There’s some evidence that the first number mentioned in salary negotiations serves as an anchor. As an employee, you can influence the employer’s final salary by asking for a high number up front. That high number, you may know, is out of the employer’s range, but by asking for a somewhat reasonable high number, you’re ... Continue reading this article…

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Bank of America Cutting More Jobs

by Luke Landes
Bank of America

After Bank of America investors have endured a year of suffering, Bank of America employees will start to feel the company’s troubles. Although the bank already announced significant layoffs this year, hot on the heels of a $5 billion boost from Warren Buffett, an overdraft fee lawsuit settlement, and a settlement for a lawsuit pertaining ... Continue reading this article…

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My Varied Job History

by Luke Landes

For some people, finding the right career is easy. During formative years, perhaps one skill outshines all others, directing someone to develop that skill over time. Perhaps there is one particular area that develops into a passion, and the only choice is to follow that passion regardless of the income potential. In my formative years, ... Continue reading this article…

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Taking a Salary Cut

by Luke Landes
Twin Towers, World Trade Center

In the midst of the recession, more than a few corporate executives made the difficult choice to cut their employees’ salaries. Companies whose profits depended on the health of the economy might have been at risk for bankruptcy if unable to cut costs. Reluctant to lay off employees, many troubled companies convinced the employees that ... Continue reading this article…

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