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How Today’s College Graduates Can Beat the Odds

by Luke Landes

I graduated college in the first heyday of internet-connected businesses in the late 1990s. Jobs of all types were abundant. And although the “dot-com” bubble burst soon afterwards, unemployment rates remained historically low. This year’s graduates are facing more obstacles than those from fifteen years ago. Starting on a solid path right out of college […]

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6 Questions Before Dropping Out of College to Be an Entrepreneur

by Luke Landes

Many successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and world leaders have something in common. When asked how they achieved their success, they point to a role model they knew personally or were familiar with during their formative and most inspired years. The role model lived a life that seemed appealing to them. That’s how many young entrepreneurs […]

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Working From Home: A Benefit or a Distraction?

by Luke Landes

Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, is looking to improve her company’s performance. In a memo from the company’s human resources department to all employees, Mayer made her intentions clear. In order to build a more cohesive company of employees, all work from home arrangements are canceled. The confidential memo was made public by Kara […]

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Proposal: A Formula for Your Personal Human Capital

by Luke Landes

Calculating your net worth is easy. First find the value of all your assets, including your bank accounts, cash lying around the house, investments, and major assets like real property. Next find the value of all your liabilities, including loans, credit card balances, bills you have to pay soon. Subtract the liabilities value from the […]

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How to Adjust to a Global Employment Marketplace

by Luke Landes

Chances are good that there is someone else in the world who can do your job better than you can, who is willing to work a lot harder, who can spend more time on the job, and who will accept a lower salary for the same position. Thus is the inequity in the employment marketplace […]

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Should Public Employees Go Bowling?

by Luke Landes

Whether you’re watching a twenty-four hour news channel, the local news, or national news “magazine” programs like 20/20 and 60 Minutes, the program directors need to be concerned about ratings. Television ratings are everything to those who work in this industry. If you can’t get an audience to watch a program, there are no eyes […]

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The Wrong Reason To Become An Entrepreneur

by Luke Landes

I don’t have the statistics pertaining to this, but I have a strong impression that many people dream about starting their own business, and many who do have this particular daydream are inspired to consider what this life would be like because they don’t like their boss. Or maybe they don’t like working for someone […]

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Subcontract the Work You Don’t Want to Do

by Luke Landes

Until he was caught by a security firm hired to investigate a suspected hacking, an employee of an unnamed company took advantage of an extreme inefficiency in the job market. He was reportedly earning a six-figure salary as a computer programmer — I suppose programmers are called developers in the parlance of our times — […]

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Quit Your Job This Year

by Luke Landes

If you’ve been thinking about leaving your job, do it this year. If you haven’t been thinking about quitting, but think you might be valued as an employee somewhere else or have something more to offer the world, start thinking about saying goodbye to your boss. Every time as an adult I left one job […]

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IBM Cutting Major Employee 401(k) Benefit

by Luke Landes

When you’ve proceeded beyond the series of interviews and salary negotiations, there are few better feelings than signing the offer letter and accepting a new job — particularly if you’re moving to a new position away from one that was less than satisfying. You sign this letter and you have some expectations for how the […]

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